The Trailer For Mark Wahlberg's New Film Is Here And Full Of Action

Mark Wahlberg stars as an ex-assassin turned dad in "The Family Plan." The film's director praises Wahlberg's simplicity and collaborative spirit in this action-packed thriller.

The Family Plan

Mark Wahlberg takes center stage as an assassin-turned-dad in the thrilling upcoming movie, "The Family Plan." The film, set to hit Apple TV+ on December 15th, 2023, has garnered excitement, with its director promising a generous dose of "genuinely cool action hero stuff."

In "The Family Plan," Wahlberg portrays Dan, a former assassin who has embarked on a new life as a devoted father, striving to conceal his shadowy past from his unsuspecting family. He has transitioned from the world of elite government assassins to a tranquil suburban existence, where he wears the hat of a loving husband and father to three children.

However, Dan's history as an assassin comes back to haunt him as adversaries from his covert past resurface, hot on his trail. Faced with this looming danger, Dan makes a bold decision. He loads his unsuspecting wife and children into their minivan, embarking on an impromptu road trip to Las Vegas. The big question that lingers is whether they will all emerge from this high-stakes journey unscathed.


Speaking to UNILAD in anticipation of the release of the movie's new trailer, director Simon Cellan Jones shared insights into his experience working with Mark Wahlberg on this project. He expressed that despite Wahlberg's status as one of Hollywood's top talents, the actor proved remarkably easy to work with.

Cellan Jones offered a glimpse into his interaction with Wahlberg, stating, "You sort of think these movie stars — 'What are they like? Do they have loads of managers and people? Can you talk to them?' He's just really simple to work with."

The director acknowledged Wahlberg's extensive filmography, with around 50 movies under his belt, which showcased his seasoned expertise. Wahlberg's wealth of experience and professionalism significantly contributed to the project. "I think he must have done 50 movies. So he knows what he's doing. I think you raise your game," Cellan Jones noted.

Cellan Jones praised the actor for his collaborative spirit and enthusiasm for the film, saying, "He loved the film, he had a very clear idea how to play the part. He's got very strong ideas, but he's also very, very collaborative."

Mark Wahlberg, a seasoned actor in the industry, demonstrated his prowess in bringing his character to life and working seamlessly with the director, further heightening the anticipation for "The Family Plan." With its intriguing premise and the promise of exhilarating action, this movie is set to captivate audiences as they witness Wahlberg's transformation from a lethal assassin to a loving father facing an extraordinary challenge.