The Sims 5: Everything We Know So Far

The Sims 5: Everything We Know So Far

It's been 6 years since 'The Sims' 4 released, good thing is 'The Sims' 5 is finally in development!

Get the God within you ready and prepare to control your characters' fate once again, as the 'The Sims' 5 is finally on the way.

The fifth installment of the game series is currently under production, and we know you have so many questions.

We will try to answer all of them for you in this article.

Read further. 

The Sims 4 Paranormal Pack

Before we dive into the latest updates on The Sims 5, let's take a look first at the newest Stuff Pack reveal of the year. 

We finally have our first look at the first Stuff Pack for 2021, the Paranormal Pack!

EA officially revealed the Paranormal Pack on January 12th at 8 am PST/4 pm GMT.

Click the video below for the reveal. 


So much for the hype, let's go back and talk about the next installment in the game series, 'The Sims' 5.

What Is 'The Sims' 5 All About?

The Sims franchise is a life simulator that allows you to customize your characters, build your own house, then play God and control their lives. Oops, that escalated quickly.

But that's what makes the game so fun. There's an endless list of the funny things that people do with their sims, like taking out the ladder in the pool to watch their sims drown? Okay, we didn't tell you that.

Going back, EA has teased that 'The Sims' 5 is created with the new generation in mind. We don't know exactly how that goes, but perhaps, they will be introducing Millennial trends like increased social media integration and stuff.

We'll know soon for sure. 

When Will 'The Sims' 5 Release? 

EA has not announced an official release date yet for 'The Sims 5'. There are still no further talks about 'The Sims 5', so it seems unlikely for the game to drop in the coming months.

The earliest date we're looking at for 'The Sims 5' release, for now, is late 2021 or 2022. But then again, this is still subject to change.

Albeit, it's worth mentioning that The Official PlayStation Magazine has listed 'The Sims 5' among the few games we can expect to release on the PS5 console this year!

But then again, there are no more talks from EA about the game, so this can still be delayed. 

The Sims

How Far Along Is 'The Sims' 5 In Terms Of Development?

Back in February 2020, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson made a vague statement which references that 'The Sims 5' is being developed.

“As Maxis continues to think about The Sims for a new generation across platforms and a cloud-enabled world, you should imagine that while we will always stay true to our inspiration, escape, creation, self-improvement motivation, that this notion of social interaction and competition… will start to become part of the ongoing The Sims experience in the years to come,” Wilson told CNN

How much will 'The Sims' 5 Cost?

It's still too early to get the official price from EA, but we could take an educated guess based on the previous releases.

Some of the best games' with Limited Editions of 2020 and 2021 were priced at £50, while the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X versions of the game can cost up to £70.

'The Sims 5' Limited Edition will most likely fall under a similar price bracket, while we are still unsure about the standard version.

The Sims

Will 'The Sims' 5 Be Available On Steam?

For years, some of us complained that we had to use Origin to play the game. EA finally heard our cries and made 'The Sims 4' available on Steam.

Hence, there's a good chance that 'The Sims' 5 will be available on Steam too. 

Is 'The Sims' 5 ComingTo to Next-Gen Consoles?

In the past, Sims has stuck to a pc exclusive release for the first few years. There's no news yet if EA will be breaking history and release 'The Sims 5' on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X to take advantage of its 4K gameplay.

If EA decides to release on next-gen consoles, then we'll have to wait for another couple of years for the game. 

The Sims

How About On PS4? Will 'The Sims' 5 Release On PS4? 

Same answer with the next-gen consoles: no idea yet, but there's a possibility.

In the past, EA has been displaying a pattern of 'release on PC first, then consoles,' so perhaps The Sims 5 will follow. 

Is There 'The Sims 5' Official Demo Available? 

None as of the moment yet. But that's understandable because it's still a little too early for it.

PC gamers are lucky, for they will be able to play an early version of the game before release. If you want to play the Beta too, you may sign up using the Origin's Beta Programme here.

The Sims

Is 'The Sims' 5 Going To Be Open-World?

No official confirmation yet, but it has to be because the previous games are, and they proved to be fun.

One of the most beloved features of the game that made it so successful is the open-world, which allows us to feel like we are part of a bigger community.

In the game, we can visit our neighbor's houses, go to shops, find all the weird stuff we can, and feel like we're building a real life in the virtual world.

Unfortunately, 'The Sims' 4 removed this feature, leaving fans disappointed.

Hopefully, the open-world feature comes back for 'The Sims' 5.

The Sims

Will There Be Expansion Packs In 'The Sims' 5? 

Our best guess is yes. There's no official statement from EA yet, but we know how fans loved expansions. Hence, it would be crazy for EA to ignore the demand.

The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting arrived on 28 July 2020 for Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin and Steam and was quickly embraced by the gaming community.

So as early as now, we can already tell that 'The Sims' 5 will follow suit and introduce expansion packs. 

However, we know that expansion packs and DLC's are a little expensive, so it would also be nice to have a few of them introduced for free in the beginning. 

'The Sims' 5 Conclusion

'The Sims' 5 is currently in development, but we still don't know when exactly it will release. There are a lot of things that the upcoming game could improve from the previous games, such as having features like pets and seasons right from the start, and hopefully an online multiplayer that we have been asking for years.

There is still no official trailer for the game and no demo yet. We will continue to monitor the upcoming updates for you.

How are you? What changes do you want to see in 'The Sims' 5? 

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