The Shining Twin Sisters Quit Acting And Now Lead Very Different Lives

The iconic Grady Twins from "The Shining," Louise and Lisa Burns, left acting after the film. Now 37, they lead separate lives as a lawyer and microbiologist.

The Shining Sisters

Louise and Lisa Burns, the twin sisters who famously portrayed the Grady Twins in Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining, left their acting careers shortly after the movie's release. The unsettling invitation they delivered in the film, "Come play with us Danny," remains memorable to this day. At just 12 years old, the Burns twins' roles alongside Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall garnered praise and established the film as a horror classic.

The Shining Twin Sisters
The Shining Twin Sisters

Despite their young age and relative inexperience, the Burns twins' debut as the spine-chilling pair turned out to be a significant achievement. The storyline follows young Danny and his parents, Jack and Wendy, as they encounter malevolent supernatural forces while residing in an isolated, haunted hotel. The production cost of the movie was $19 million, but it eventually amassed an impressive $47 million in global box office revenue, solidifying its influence over the horror genre.

Now aged 37, the once-recognizable child stars have undergone considerable transformations. Known for their matching shoulder-length hair, frilly blue dresses, and chilling smirks, the Burns twins are now commemorated as a legendary horror duo. They attribute their eerie on-screen presence to a blend of innate creepiness and meticulous rehearsals for perfect unison in their lines delivery, along with a hollow, otherworldly tone.

Despite the unsettling atmosphere depicted on-screen, the twins clarified that they did not find the set frightening. The horror was a product of makeup and costume, making them feel like they were attending a grand costume party rather than partaking in a truly unsettling scenario. While they always had an escort present on set, their parents were steadfastly supportive of their involvement in the film, dismissing concerns and encouraging their participation.

The Shining Twin Sisters
The Shining Twin Sisters

Following the resounding success of The Shining, the twins pursued different paths, leaving their acting careers behind. Lisa pursued higher education, focusing on literature and eventually transitioning into a career as a lawyer. On the other hand, Louise embarked on a journey in the field of microbiology. Their post-acting pursuits have led them to entirely distinct domains, a testament to their diverse talents and interests beyond the realm of cinematic horror.