‘The Duchess’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

‘The Duchess’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Katherine Ryan is already laying out her plan for season 2.

The Duchess is a comedy series created by and starring Katherine Ryan as herself.

The series follows Katherine, a "powerful but problematic" single mother who decides she wants to have another baby with her ex, who is also the father of her nine-year-old daughter.

After a highly-entertaining and complicated first season, let's find out what is next for Katherine.

Here is everything we know so far.

The Duchess

Has 'The Duchess' Been Renewed For Season 2? 

As of this writing, The Duchess is yet to be renewed by Netflix for a second season.

The pending renewal has not stopped creator Katherine Ryan from traversing possible plots for the show, though.

Ryan revealed that she has already planned out a second season for The Duchess.

"There are many avenues that it can go down," Ryan said via Digital Spy. "I'm writing the second series, anticipating that hopefully, I will get to do a second series. But I still have so much to say. And, of course, dealing with a child, they enter new phases of their life so quickly, and parents have to adapt to that."

It's worth noting that The Duchess has made it to number one in the UK. It also managed to secure a spot on the top 10 list in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. We see this as a positive sign for the show's renewal. 

The Duchess

When Will 'The Duchess' Season 2 Release On Netflix?

The show is yet to secure a renewal, but if we look at the current status, we're guessing season 2 will arrive around late 2021 or early 2022.

This is if the show manages to secure the renewal very soon and only get minimal impact from the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The Duchess

The Plot: What Will Happen In 'The Duchess' Season 2? 

During Shep’s wedding, it was revealed that Katherine is pregnant with his baby. Hurt by the news and unable to accept the revelation, Evan tried to hurt Katherine back by revealing to Olive that her parents were not on good terms, mainly because of her father. This led Katherine to dump him finally.

Season one ended with Katherine giving birth to her second child while revealing that Shep's new wife, Cheryl, is also pregnant.

If the show gets renewed for season 2, we're expecting the new episodes to focus on Katherine's more complicated life as a single mom of two kids.

We're also expecting to see how Olive would react to the new addition to the small family. Will the arrival of the baby stir up some jealousy? Or will she embrace the role as a big sister with all her heart?

What will happen to Evan? Will he still try to win Katherine back after the dramatic outburst?

We need to get season 2 for answers. 

The Duchess

Who Will Be In The Cast Of  'The Duchess' Season 2?

We are still waiting for season 2 announcements, but we're already eyeing on the following cast members to reprise their roles.

Katherine Ryan will back as Katherine herself. Joining her is Katy Byrne as Olive, her young nine-year-old daughter with Shep, played by Rory Keenan.

Although Shep has found a new love through Cheryl (Doon Mackichan), there's still a possibility for the two to return in the upcoming season. After all, Shep is still the father of Katherine's two children.

As for Evan (played by Steen Raskopoulos), we're not sure yet if he's still coming back after Katherine dumped his sorry ass in season 1. 

'The Duchess' Official Trailer

To sum it all, The Duchess renewal status is still pending as of this writing. Don't worry because we will keep you updated on the show's status. 

In the meantime, check out season 1's official trailer below or hop unto Netflix to watch The Duchess complete episodes. 


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