List Of All The Shows Netflix Canceled In 2021

List Of All The Shows Netflix Canceled In 2021

Is your favorite show part of the ax list?

Netflix said goodbye to plenty of titles this year. The streaming giant has a notorious habit of axing down shows, but they aren't always transparent in telling us why. 

Some of these titles were truly underperforming, but Netflix also canceled popular shows that were doing very well. 

So, did your favorite show manage to evade the infamous ax? Check out this list to find out!

'Dash & Lily'

1. 'Dash & Lily'

'Dash & Lily' is a romantic comedy series that premiered on Netflix on November 10, 2020. It's an adaptation of the young adult book series 'Dash & Lily's Book of Dares' by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn.

The show stayed in Netflix's top 10 in the US and UK for seven days. In the past months, there have been reports that season 2 is actively in development. However, in October 2021, Netflix officially announced its cancellation. As usual, Netflix did not give us an explanation behind the decision. 

'Hit & Run'

2. 'Hit & Run'

Much like its title, this massive show from the creators of Fauda hit Netflix on August 2021, and now it is running away and saying goodbye to the platform.

'Hit & Run' follows a widower after his wife gets killed in a hit-and-run incident. It stayed on Netflix's top 10 for 14 days in the US and 18 days in the UK. Sadly, it wasn't enough to secure a renewal. 

Nonetheless, the creators have signed an overall deal with Netflix, so expect to see other projects from them in the future.

'Grand Army'

3. 'Grand Army'

'Grand Army' is a teen drama series following five students at a massive public high school in Brooklyn. The show debuted nine episodes on October 16, 2020, and officially got canceled in June 2021. 


4. 'Cursed'

'Cursed' started with much hype and ended with a cliffhanger that will never get answered. The series follows Nimue in her journey to become the Lady of the Lake.

Sadly, the journey got cut short after Netflix confirmed its cancelation in July 2021. Guess the show is, erm, "cursed"?

'Emily’s Wonder Lab'

5. 'Emily’s Wonder Lab'

We are also saying goodbye to 'Emily’s Wonder Lab' hosted by MIT engineer Emily Calandrelli. The educational kids series arrived on Netflix in August last year and was canceled in July 2021. 

If you and your kids loved the show so much, then you might want to sign up on an ongoing petition to bring back the educational series on Netflix. 


6. 'Bonding'

'Bonding' was a dark comedy series that chronicles the friendship of a dominatrix and her gay best friend. Its controversial premise piqued the interest of the binge-watch community, and the series got renewed for a second season. 

However, the second season didn't live to the hype. As a result, Netflix decided to ax the show in mid-2021. 

'The Crew'

7. 'The Crew'

Multi-camera situational comedy 'The Crew' succumbed to Netflix's infamous ax just a few months since its arrival on the platform. Some cast members already revealed the show's fate even before Netflix confirmed the cancelation in July 2021.  

'Mr. Iglesias'

8. 'Mr. Iglesias'

'Mr. Iglesias' is another sitcom that did not resonate well with Netflix this year. The show released three parts spread across two seasons, but Netflix thinks they have had enough of the "good-natured public high school teacher," The show got canceled in July 2021, along with ‘The Crew’, ‘Country Comfort’, and ‘Bonding.’

'Country Comfort'

9. 'Country Comfort'

'Country Comfort' dropped in March 2021, and will not be coming back for more. Our only consolation is that the show managed to wrap the storyline pretty well by the end of season 1. 

The show only stayed on Netflix's top 10 in the US for 10 days. 

'Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!'

10. 'Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!'

Jamie Foxx's situational comedy was another hit-and-miss title that eventually got axed this year. The show has low ratings (4.2/10 on IMDB and 25% on Rotten Tomatoes). 


11. '#blackAF'

'#blackAF' got renewed for a second season, but Netflix reversed its decision back in June 2021. However, there is still a possibility that the show will return in a movie format someday. 

'Jupiter’s Legacy '

12. 'Jupiter’s Legacy'

The cancelation of 'Jupiter’s Legacy' is one of the decisions that shocked the binge-watching community. The show was a huge project and is the first entry for Millarworld on Netflix.

The streamer promised to bring a spinoff series, Supercrooks, in its place.

'La Révolution'

13. 'La Révolution'

'La Révolution' is the biggest Netflix Original show from France. The series did well in its home country, staying for 26 days in Netflix's top 10 in France. 

Sadly, it did not receive the same amount of attention from foreign countries. 


14. 'Monarca'

'Monarca' is no longer coming back for season 3. Creators of the Mexican Spanish-language show announced via Instagram that Netflix had not renewed the series for another run. 

'The Duchess'

15. 'The Duchess'

Just like 'Monarca', Netflix also did not announce the cancelation of 'The Duchess.' We heard about its fate via podcast, where lead actress Katherine Ryan revealed that the show is not coming back anymore. 

'The Irregulars'

 16. 'The Irregulars'

'The Irregulars' received positive reviews when it debuted on Netflix in March 2021. The show was so successful that it beat out a hit Marvel show on the Nielsen top 10.

Initially, it seemed that Netflix was gearing to hone the series as its next masterpiece. But to fans' dismay, the streamer officially canceled the series in May 2021. 

We hope your favorite show is not on this list. Which of these shows do you think deserves another chance?

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