The Chilling Last Words Of Man Who Had 'The Worst Death Imaginable'

What a horrific way to die!

John Edward Jones

Before his life ended suddenly, a man who had become trapped in a cave in what many would consider to be an absolute nightmare said some chilling final words.

After becoming stuck while spelunking, or exploring caves, the caveman realized with a crushing blow that he would not be coming out alive.

Because of the unfortunate circumstances, John Edward Jones' story has been circulating on social media for a while.

The father is reported to have died the "worst death imaginable" after being upside down in a cave for hours on end due to an error.

In November 2009, the 26-year-old was exploring the Nutty Putty Cave, which is about 55 miles from Salt Lake City, with his brother Josh and several family friends.

On November 24, the skilled spelunker and medical student entered the cave system without realizing it would end up being his ultimate resting place.

John made the decision to search for the feature known as the Birth Canal during his cave exploration. It's a narrow passage that spelunkers must carefully crawl through.

Jones squeezed himself into a tight space, convinced he had located the Birth Canal, only to discover he had made a serious mistake.

Jones, who weighed 200 pounds and stood six feet tall, found himself trapped 400 feet from the cave's mouth, with only a 10 by 18-inch opening preventing him from turning around.

He was likewise headfirst and in an uncomfortable upside-down position.

When his brother discovered that John was trapped in the cave, he attempted to rescue him, but John slipped deeper into the small area, his arms now by his sides.

Josh prayed, "Guide us as we work through this," unable to carry John any farther. The frantic father then added, "Save me for my wife and kids."

After that, Josh parted ways with his brother in the hopes of finding assistance. He eventually ran upon Susie Motola, a woman who heroically attempted to aid in his rescue.

John was somewhat nervous when he spoke to her, but he did thank her for offering to help.

He said: “Hi Susie, thanks for coming. But I really, really want to get out.”

More than 100 rescue personnel came to John’s aid over the next few hours. His heart was under a great deal of strain to pump blood to his extremities against gravity because of his upside-down position.

After a pulley system failed, John seemed to admit defeat and said: “I’m going to die right here. I’m not going to come out of here, am I?”

Subsequently, he inquired about Ryan Shurtz, one of the rescuers, who sustained severe injuries after a metal carabiner struck his face.

John said: "Is he OK? I think he's really hurt bad."

Following that, John became quiet and eventually lost consciousness. His heart failed and he sadly died of cardiac arrest after being imprisoned for about 27 or 28 hours.

The cave has been sealed off since his passing, and his body has never been found.