'Tekken: Bloodline' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Netflix has been faring well with its video game to animated adaptations but can we look forward to a potential second season of Tekken: Bloodline?


There aren’t many successful video game adaptations in anime or live-action, but thankfully, Tekken: Bloodline lives up to the hype and almost does justice to its source material. Video game publishing giant Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Tekken franchise got a Netflix anime adaptation on August 18, 2022. Despite having moderately impressive animation work to depict the action and martial arts in the show, Tekken: Bloodline received a mixed reception, with many of the viewers complaining that the six-episode long run was not enough to capture the best of Tekken’s story. Gamers weren’t convinced with this adaptation at all, but the real question is, do we get to see the renewal of Tekken: Bloodline on Netflix anytime soon? Let’s go through what we know about it so far.

Will Tekken: Bloodline Return With Season 2?

Renewal Status: Pending

There are no renewal announcements from Netflix and the production studios, Studio Hibari and Larx Entertainment, so far. But fans of this show got no reason to lose their high hopes yet because usually, Netflix takes several weeks or months to assess the demand and popularity as well as the market performance of any show before they decide to greenlight a second season. Right after its launch, Tekken: Bloodline made it to Netflix’s Top 10 list, which is a good sign, and in case a season 2 arrives, we can expect it to air at some point in 2024.

There are rumors circulating that the show has been silently canceled by Netflix but we have yet to get a confirmation on this. We will update this space as new information comes our way.

What Is The Plot Of Tekken: Bloodline?

Tekken: Bloodline tells the story of a young martial artist named Jin Kazama who lives with his mother, Jun, on Yakushima Island. Jin loses his mother to a demon Ogre attack one day, and following the last words from his mother, Jin travels to meet his businessman and martial artist grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, who takes a keen interest in him. Mishima trains Jin to quit the pacifist methods of martial arts and develop a more violent fighting style. Four years after his training, Mishima organizes the Iron Fist tournament so he can make Jin avenge the death of Jun by drawing out the Ogre. But something dark is lurking inside Jin and he begins to confront his hidden powers just as he begins to unravel the truth about his deceased father.

Who Is In The Cast And Crew Of Tekken: Bloodline?



The Japanese voice-acting cast includes Isshin Chiba as Jin Kazama. Jun Kazama and Heihachi Mishima are voiced by Mamiko Noto and Taiten Kusunoki, respectively, and Masanori Shinohara voices Kazuya Mishima. This action fantasy anime is directed by Yoshikazu Miyao, with Katsuhiro Harada serving as the executive producer, and is written by Gavin Hignight.

What Can We Expect From Tekken: Bloodline Season 2?

There is not much known about the plot of a potential season two, but fans expect to see more characters from the video game making an appearance in future seasons. Even though the conclusion to the first season was satisfactory enough as Jin threw the pendant to Xiaoyu and flew off into the sunset, we might witness the return of Jin Kazama after a time jump, just in case Netflix ever decides to bring forth a second season.

Is There A Trailer For Tekken: Bloodline Season 2?

No, there is no trailer for Tekken Bloodline's second season. Watch the trailer for season 1 below.


This article was reviewed and is up to date as of October 22, 2023.