'Super Crooks' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Super Crooks' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

With the Millarworld growing on Netflix, our beloved crooks can still return with an entirely new story.

Millarworld is expanding on Netflix with its latest entry, 'Super Crooks.' 

The anime is based on comic book series of the same name by writer Mark Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu. It follows a small-time crook named Johnny Bolt, who hires a team of eight super-villains to perform a super-powered heist in Spain.

'Super Crooks' is animated by Studio BONES, best known for the My Hero Academia anime TV series and movies. First-time lead director Motonobu Hori helmed the anime. In the past, Hori co-directed the 'Carole & Tuesday' anime.

Let us find out if the anime will return for more. 


Will There Be 'Super Crooks' Season 2?

Netflix has not renewed 'Super Crooks' for season 2 yet. The first season of the anime premiered on November 25, 2021. Netflix often takes at least a month before renewing shows, and anime titles are no exception.

'Super Crooks' anime is set in the same universe as the short-lived, live-action series 'Jupiter's Legacy.'

Season 1's final three episodes pretty much covered the entire plot of the comics. However, since 'Super Crooks' season 1 is directly connected to the live-action 'Jupiter's Legacy,' there are still plenty of stories to explore for season 2.


When Will 'Super Crooks' Season 2 Release?

We are still waiting for Netflix to renew 'Super Crooks' for season 2, so there is still no release date as of this writing. The anime debuted with 13 episodes on Netflix on November 25, 2021, after its initial announcement in March 2019.

Anime titles on Netflix often take around a one-year gap before releasing a new season. If 'Super Crooks' gets renewed for season 2 before the year ends, we can expect the new season to release in 2023.

We will keep an eye on future updates. 


What Is The Plot Of 'Super Crooks' Season 2?

In the final moments of 'Super Crooks' season 1, Johnny and his team rob $800 million from Matts. Gladiator violently beats Praetorian. Meanwhile, Kasey controls Christopher Matts' mind. Christopher did not notice what's happening until it was too late.

Since everyone in Johnny's team wears replicas of the costumes that Salamander's members are using, Matt kills everyone in Salamander's group, thinking that they are responsible for robbing him. The season concludes with Johnny proposing to Kasey.

If the anime returns for Season 2, Matts will most likely learn the true identity of the robbers and chase after Johnny and his team. The crooks might also gain the attention of Brainwave or even the Utopian himself. We might also see a new antagonist in season 2. Whatever predicament comes their way, we expect that the group will continue working together to solve their problems.


Who Is Cast In 'Super Crooks' Season 2?

'Super Crooks' Season 2 is not confirmed yet as of this writing. However, we expect the anime's main voice cast to return should there be another season.

Here is the Japanese voice cast list of 'Super Crooks.'

Johnny Bolt - Kenjiro Tsuda
Kasey- Maaya Sakamoto
Christopher Matts: Hiroshi Yanaka 
Carmine - Yasuji Kimura 
Gladiator - Pierre Taki
Josh -Junichi Suwabe 
Salamander  Hisao Egawa 
TK McCabe- Eiji Takemoto 
Sammy Diesel -Subaru Kimura 
Roddy Diesel- Tetsu Inada 
Praetorian-  Wataru Hatano
Forecast -KENN 

Here is the English Dub cast:

Johnny Bolt – Jonah Scott
Kasey Ann – Abby Trott
The Bastard – Jason Marnocha
Carmine / The Heat – Doug Stone
The Gladiator – Beau Billingslea
Josh / The Ghost – Bill Butts
TK McCabe – Bill Rogers
Roddy Diesel – Bruno Oliver
Sammy Diesel – Ben Pronsky
The Praetorian – DC Douglas
Forecast – Zeno Robinson

'Super Crooks' Official Trailer

'Super Crooks' has just been released on Netflix. In case you haven't seen the official trailer yet, we will drop it here for you. We will continue to wait for more updates about season 2 of the anime and edit this space to reflect future information. 



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