Netflix Crashes Just As Viewers Log In To See 'Stranger Things' Season Four Vol. 2

Netflix Crashes Just As Viewers Log In To See 'Stranger Things' Season Four Vol. 2

Twitter has become a meme apocalypse with users trolling themselves and Netflix for making them stay awake for so long.

Servers and viewers were clearly not ready for this.

About the time when Stranger Things went live at around 3 a.m. today (July 1, 2022, kids remember the date), Netflix crashed. Viewers were facing problems logging into the streaming platform. Complaints about errors with Netflix peaked at nearly 13,000 at the top of the hour, before the situation seemed to be resolved within a half-hour, Variety reported. In anticipation of the highly awaited second volume of Stranger Things, users on Twitter turned it into a meme apocalypse. 


However, this isn’t the first time that a streaming platform crashed due to a large amount of demand. HBO Max faced major outages with the finale of Euphoria Season 2 earlier this year and with the release of the final episode of the limited series Mare of Easttown in May 2021. 

Stranger Things Season 4 already has set the record as the No. 1 English-language series on the service in its first four weeks of release, as reported by Netflix based on total hours watched. The run time for the recently released episodes, Episode 8 stands at 85 minutes and Episode 9 stands at 150 minutes. 


So while people were waiting for Netflix to get its act together, they decided to engage in some serious trolling. One user named, The Rat King said, “Stay up all night to watch stranger things finale and Netflix crashed. I feel like such a loser rn.” But some people are laughing at the folly of the millennial mindset. One user named ULTRA MAGA Merica said, “Damn man. You’d think earth ended because Netflix crashed. None of y’all would’ve made it when the VHS tape you rented wasn’t already re-wound when y’all put it in.”


However, there were some who walked away unscathed by this and have now happily binged the show. One user named 𝙳𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚢☮︎ said, “Am I the only person who netflix DIDN'T crash on😂 #netflixcrashed #StrangerThings.” Another named Randy Cooper said, “Wait...Netflix crashed? I didn't even notice. Just finished my binge of the final two episodes of #StrangerThings totally worth the wait!” Some people who didn’t live in the same vicinity also didn’t face this problem, with one user named Alexandria :} saying, “me watching all y’all tweet about how your netflix crashed while i’m in canada binging volume 2 #StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings”  


Hashtags like ‘Netflix down’, and ‘Netflix crash’ have gotten popular with many people tweeting their hearts out. Most of them are extremely sad that they will be missing one of the biggest drops of the year. To see what some of them are feeling, just scroll on below:










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