'Squid Game': The First And Final Lines Of Each Lead Character

'Squid Game': The First And Final Lines Of Each Lead Character

These final words are so heartbreaking.

Netflix's popular series Squid Game is no doubt to have the most inspiring and unforgettable quotes. However, what makes things more interesting are some of the character's first and last lines.

Netflix's most popular series right now, Squid Game, gave fans an incredible tale of rivalry that made players turn on each other's backs to save themselves. It is not a surprise that players go through devastating transformations as the contest gets more intense.

We can see the way the players change by looking at their first and last lines. Players like Gi-hun and Sang-woo had to do terrible things to survive. Most of these characters below had their last lines at the end of season one. However, their last lines may change if they appear through flashbacks in the future.

Let us take a look back at the first and final words of our favorite characters in Squid Game.

Front-Man, Hwang In-Ho

Hwang In-Ho

First Line: "This Is The Front Man Speaking." 
Last Line: "Just Get On That Plane. It's For Your Own Good."

In-ho did not say much during the first episodes because he is more of a mysterious guy. As the Front Man, his main motive was to ensure fair competition with no dirty tactics amongst players.

The guy is very loyal to Il-nam until his final breath. He willingly shoots his brother by blood to keep the secret about the competition from coming out. We heard his last words during a phone call with the angry Gi-hun. Hopefully, we will find out the reason behind his loyalty and why he is willing to go through extreme measures just to keep the game going.

Jang Deok-Su

Jang Deok-Su

First Line: "You Little S***T!" 
Last Line: "You Goddamn B***H!"

Deok Su played a villainous role in the series. His first and last lines explained it all. When he runs into Sae-Byeok in the dorm, he curses and beats her because they had a bad past.

His last words were for Mi-nyeo because she fulfilled her promise of stopping him. It is always good to see his cowardness unveil during the final moment. Consequently, Mi-nyeo stopped the nefarious guy Deuk-su from pushing people off the glass during the glass stepping stones game. 

Oh Il-Nam

Oh Il-Nam

First Line: "Fifty… Fifty-Two… Fifty-Five, Fifty-Six. And Then, There Are Those… Stop Talking To Me Or I Lose Count."
Last Line: "I Know That I'm Not Going To Have As Much Fun Watching As Playing."

We are not sure how much of Il-nam's previous statements were true. If we believe what he told Gu-hun, Il-nam was merely counting the players following his doctor's advice.

However, in the final moments of the series, we find out that Il-nam is much more than the sickly old man he tries to introduce himself as. He spoke his last Line to a perplexed In-ho, who can not believe that Il-nam is the man behind the game. He participated because it would be more fun to join the deadly games instead of just watching. We still have a hard time fathoming how a frail-looking man can come up with something so evil like the Squid Game.

Cho Sang-Woo

Cho Sang-Woo

First Line "Well, I Don't Believe You One Bit. You Got That?" 
Last Line: "My Mother, Go Help Her. You Have To Help Her."

Most fans see Sang-woo as one of the most intelligent players in the series. His first lines showed how practical he is in every given situation. He is not afraid to ask questions to the guards.

After all the horrible things he had done to get into the last round of the competition, he decides to let his former best friend win the prize. In return, he asks him to take care of his mother. Sang-woo might not be the most decent guy, but he only got caught in a bad situation, like most people in the game.

However, even with this, he has tried to stand tall, fix his reputation and help his mom. 

Abdul Ali

Abdul Ali

First Line: "Hey! Which Games Are We Playing Here?" 
Last Line: "Sang-Woo, Where Are You? Sang-Woo? Sang-Woo, Hello? I'm Done With This Side. Sang-Woo!"

Most fans probably do not even remember what was Ali's first Line. He seems to be just like everybody else. Ali raised questions to guards in the dorm when needed. However, his loyalty to his friends is what made him stand out from being "just another face" in the crowd throughout the contest.

Sadly, his trustworthy personality did not do him any good. It only led to a terrifying and heartbreaking death in the show. Sang-woo tricked Ali. He believed in Sang-woo's lies about escaping and winning the prize together. His last words were full of regret and desperation. He realized what Sang-woo had done, but it was too late. He dies with a bullet to his head while Sang-Woo proceeded to the next game. 

Hwang Jun-Ho

Hwang Jun-Ho

First Line: "Who Was That? Was He Drunk?" 
Last Line: "In-Ho, Why?"

Jun-ho did not believe Gi-Hun when he reported about the deadly game on an unknown island, like any officers in the precinct.

They dismissed Gi-hun's concern about a terrific game and thought that he was only drunk. However, the card that Gi-hun handed to the police looked familiar. Thanks to the card, Jun-Ho managed to infiltrate the island and learned about the horrifying hidden secrets. He gets convinced that his brother is among the participants of the game. However, what he did not realize is that his brother is the Front Man himself. His last words were directed to his brother, asking him why he had done such sinister things while falling off the cliff after his brother shot him.

Seong Gi-Hun

Seong Gi-Hun

First Line: "In My Town, We Had A Game Called The 'Squid Game.'" 
Last Line: "It Wasn't A Dream. I Can't Forgive You For Everything You're Doing."

Gi hun's first lines on the series happen to be a remark about the titular and brutal Squid Game that he played with Sang-woo towards the finale.

Gi-hun's journey from his first lines to his last made a remarkable change because of the terrifying game. The childhood game Sang-woo and Gi-hun used to play is very different from the one they played on the island. His brutal experiences in the game made him fearless and determined to do his best and win. He ultimately won after Sang-woo sacrificed himself. However, the money can never pay for the pain and the trauma that he experienced on the island. At the end of the series, Gi-hun gets determined to take down the game and the people behind it.

Han Mi-nyeo

Han Mi-nyeo

First Line: "Mister, Please. Listen, I'm So Sorry. I Swear I Will Pay What I Owe." 
Last Line: "You Coward. Deok-Su, I Need You To Know You've Got Such A Tiny D**K."

Mi-nyeo was just as scared as everyone else after surviving the shootings from the violent Red Light and Green Light game. She begs the guards to let her out, promising that she will pay all her debt.

As the season progresses, we learn that Mi-nyeo is more courageous than we expected. She exacts revenge on Deok-su and tells him one last insult before taking him down with her. In the process, she saves other players from getting killed by the ruthless gangster, who does not mind sacrificing others so he could win the game.



First Line: "What Do You Want?" 
Last Line: "Thank You For Playing With Me."

Ji-yeong's first Line makes her seem like a cold person. However, we see her grow closer to Sae-byeok. During her final moments, she played with Sae-byeok in the game of marbles. Knowing that Sae-byeok needed to win more than her, she sacrifices herself and purposely loses the game. Her final words made us all shed a tear. 

Kang Sae-Byeok

Kang Sae-Byeok

First Line: "You Took More From Me Than Whatever I Might Possibly Owe." 
Last Line: "I Think I Wanna Go. I'd Like To Go Home Now."

One of the most incredible and likable characters of the series, Sae-Byeok, stole the viewers' hearts throughout the show. A defector from North Korea, she does not allow the gangster Deok-su to intimidate her.

It is heartbreaking to see how her final words reflect that she is losing hope. She knows she does not have enough time left, so she asks Gi-hun to watch over her younger brother. Until her last breath, she thinks of nothing else but her brother's welfare.

Which Line and character are your favorite? 

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