Spider-Woman Movie Is Rumored To Be In Development At Sony

Spider-Woman Movie Is Rumored To Be In Development At Sony

A Spider-Woman film is rumored to be in development

Sony has confirmed on Tuesday an October 8th, 2021 release date for a Sony-Marvel film and many are speculating as to what it could be. Grace Randolph said that according to her sources, a Spider-Woman movie is currently in development at Sony and the October 2021 release date could be for it.

Spider-Woman's storyline is actually very important in the furtherance of the MCU with their "Secret Invasion" film. In the "Secret Invasion" story in the comics, Spider-Woman's Jessica Drew is impersonated by the Skrull Queen. This will likely appear in the film and having Jessica Drew introduced before this happens is also likely.

Jessica Drew

There is also a rumor that the Secret Invasion storyline will tie into Captain Marvel. This will make sense, given that the Secret Invasion is mainly about the invasion of earth by the Skrulls and the Skrulls were in the Captain Marvel storyline. The Secret Invasion first started off as the shapeshifting aliens secretly replacing many heroes in the Marvel Universe. One of those heroes is Spider-Woman. The invasion then progressed more overtly.

Randolph also mentions that she believes that the  Spider-Woman flick could be very dark. This could fit in perfectly with its October release. 

In the comics, Jessica Drew is from England. In one of the origin stories, she gets radiation poisoning. Her father, in a desperate attempt to make her better, treats her with experimental arachnid blood. She then ends up in a genetic accelerator for decades. She then first joins HYDRA but eventually changes her ways and joins SHIELD and SWORD after meeting with Spider-Man.


Another origin story is that Jessica Drew's mom was hit by an experimental laser beam while pregnant with her that had the DNA of several species of Spiders.

Spider-Woman has almost the same powers as Spider-Man which include superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, agility, endurance, and durability. She can stick to surfaces with her palms and soles. What's unique to Spider-Woman is her ability to release venom blasts from her body that can stun or kill humans. She also emits a high amount of pheromones that seduces men and strikes fear in women. But she can use a chemical perfume that can lessen it to normal levels.

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