'SK8 The Infinity' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'SK8 The Infinity' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

A new 'SK8 The Infinity' project is in the works.

Lovers of sports anime found a new obsession through the skateboarding animated series'SK8 The Infinity.'

'SK8 The Infinity' is an original Japanese anime from Studio Bones. It aired 12 episodes in Japan from Jan 10, 2021, to Apr 4, 2021. 'SK8 The Infinity' is well-loved by anime fans. It received an outstanding 8.04 rating on MyAnimeList and ranks #413 in terms of popularity.

Season 1 ended with the characters heading for a bigger competition. Let us find out what the future holds for this sports anime. Here is everything we know about 'SK8 The Infinity' Season 2.

SK8 the Infinity

Will There Be 'SK8 The Infinity' Season 2?

There is a piece of good news for fans of 'SK8 The Infinity.' The anime is coming back for more! A new 'SK8 The Infinity' project is already in the works. Season 1 of SK8 The Infinity was a surprising delight to anime fans with its stunning visuals, compelling plot, and thrilling skateboarding scenes.

The incredible audience reception made it easier to assume that the anime will receive another season. Finally, on July 4, 2021, No Border animation studio and Studio Bones announced that they are working on a new 'SK8' project together. Anime fans assume that they are referring to the second season of 'SK8 The Inifinity.' However, there are still no confirmations. There are also speculations that the new project will be a movie. A teaser for the upcoming project was already released. But, it does not tell us whether it is season 2 or a movie.


What Is The Plot Of 'SK8 The Infinity' Season 2?

The first season ended with Langa winning the tournament after beating Adams. He also left him with a valuable lesson about the purpose of skating. Langa celebrated with his friends. Meanwhile, Shadow is broken-hearted after discovering that the florist he likes is dating someone else. In the post-credits scene, Tadashi revealed to Adams that he did not sell him out, but he now has to act like his dog.

If season 2 picks up on this ending, we expect Langa and his friends to go to Tokyo and participate in the S Downhill Skating competition. Langa will have to prove his skating skills against level-up competitors. 

SK8 the Infinity

When Will 'SK8 The Infinity' Season 2 Release?

Assuming that the new 'SK8 The Infinity' project in the works is season 2, we can expect it to release sometime in 2022 or 2023. We will have to wait for more updates to find out what the new project is all about. 

SK8 the Infinity

Who Is Cast In 'SK8 The Infinity' Season 2? 

We expect the lead voice cast to return if there will be a second season of 'SK8 The Infinity.' That include  My Hero Academia‘s Tasuku Hatanaka as Reki, Chiaki Kobayashi as Langa, Chiaki Kobayashi as Miya, Yasunori Matsumoto as Joe, and 'One Punch Man' voice actor Hikaru Midorikawa Cherry Blossom.

We will update this space once there is more confirmation.

'SK8 The Infinity'

Is There An Official Trailer For SK8 The Infinity Season 2?

Not yet. As mentioned, we still don't know if the new project announced is the new season of the anime. But if it is, we might see the trailer next year, 2022. 

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