Regé-Jean Page: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Bridgerton' Star

Regé-Jean Page: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Bridgerton' Star

Regé-Jean Page is more than just a phenomenal actor, he's mastered a lot of skills and even created Rock music in his younger years.

This article is recently reviewed and is up to date as of February 14, 2021.

Regé-Jean Page is the charismatic guy who stole our hearts as Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings in Netflix's 'Bridgerton' series.

The actor looked dignified and perfect in the Shondaland series, but he lived a much different (albeit, just as exciting) life growing up.

Here are all the interesting facts you should know about Regé-Jean Page.

Regé-Jean Page

1. He Was In A Rock Band

Before Regé-Jean Page appeared as the dashing oh-so-sophisticated Duke of Hastings in the 'Bridgerton' series, he was in a rock band with his younger brother and even dyed his hair in all sorts of bold colors.

“We were writing loud, angry, righteous guitar music and screaming at people with various colors in our hair,” the actor told Interview Magazine back in 2016.

Well, excuse us while we take a moment to imagine how our dearest Duke may have looked like. Too bad we don't have a picture. 


2. His First Name Is Pronounced As Reggae

If you are having a hard time pronouncing the actor's name, think of Bob Marley. The actor's first name is pronounced as reggae, as in the music genre that originated in Jamaica in the late 1960s.

His second name Jean is pronounced as John (but with a French accent), while his last name is simply read as page (like in the book).


3. He And 'Bridgerton' Co-Star Phoebe Dynevor Both Appeared In Waterloo Road 

Phoebe played middle school student Siobhan Mailey, and Regé-Jean portrayed the GPD Teacher, Guy Braxton in the BBC series.

Unfortunately, the two did not cross paths in the British show. Phoebe left at the end of series 5, while Regé-Jean joined at series 10. 

Regé-Jean Page- Bridgerton

4. 'Bridgerton' Is Not The First Time The Actor Worked With Shonda Rhimes 

Shonda Rhimes is undeniably one of the most powerful producers in the industry, and it's always a dream to work with her. Regé-Jean Page had the chance to work with the producer not just once, but twice.

Before 'Bridgerton,' the two previously worked together in 2018 for the Shondaland series, 'For the People'.

Regé-Jean Page

5. He Was Born In Zimbabwe

Regé-Jean Page was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and spent his early childhood there before returning to London.

His father is an English preacher, while his mother was a nurse from Zimbabwe. The actor has much admiration for Zimbabwe.

“It’s the most beautiful place in the world. Everyone says this about their own country, but it’s objectively beautiful. And because it was so young, I think there’s a genuine generosity in people from Zimbabwe, which is slowly being chipped away at, as we hit our terrible teens and realize the world is a harsh, cold, difficult place that one must be strong enough to survive,” the actor said in an interview with Square Mile.

Regé-Jean Page

6. He Is Attracted To Unpredictability

Regé-Jean was not born for a routinary 9-5 job, where you do pretty much the same thing until you retire. One of the things that made the actor fall in love with acting is its unpredictability. 

"The unexpected is all that I really want. It’s my favorite thing about this job. It’s thinking that you’re going in one direction and discovering something entirely new. And growing from experiencing and exploring that," the actor told Square Mile

Regé-Jean Page

7. He Is Multi-Talented

He can act. He can sing. He can dance. He can ride a horse. He can do everything! Regé-Jean loves learning new skills because he believes that "what you do can have value." 

“Basically. I like putting myself to good use. I don’t like sitting around and waiting for people to appreciate the me-ness of me because I don’t think there’s any intrinsic value to that. But I think what you do can have value. I think whatever anyone does with themselves in the world can have value," the actor told Square Mile. 


8. He Reads Himself A Bedtime Story Before Going To Sleep

In an interview with Instyle, Regé-Jean shared his love for reading and how he always comes back to it after a long day's work.

“It’s nice to read myself a bedtime story, basically. It’s a good time to take in someone else’s thoughts and see if your brain can do something fun with that when you fall asleep.”


9. He Appeared In Harry Potter

Regé-Jean had a brief, uncredited cameo in part one of the 2010 film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

His appearance was very quick, but eagle-eyed fans are quick to spot him. 


10. He Is Single

Last, but not the least important information about Regé-Jean, he appears to be single in real life!

Well, it's kinda hard to believe, considering how easily the actor could sweep anyone away on their feet with his charms. However, the actor's social media page seems to indicate that he is not romantically involved with anyone. But of course, he could also well be just protecting the identity of a secret lover, so better not set the expectations too high. 

Update as of February 14, 2021: Sorry to break your hearts on Valentine's day ladies, but Regé-Jean was spotted embracing writer and part-time footballer Emily Brown last week. Daily Mail reported that the two were photographed in a street close to the £800,000 home they share in North London. We always knew that Regé-Jean is too good to be single. Sigh. 


Our irresistible Duke of Hastings is coming back for 'Bridgerton' Season 2. Find out more about the upcoming season through our preview. Click here.

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