'Pine Gap' Season 2: Here's Everything We Know So Far

Are we getting a second season of Pine Gap? Let's explore.

The streaming giant has become unstoppable when it comes to its production library of foreign languages and cultures through TV shows, documentaries, and movies. However, 'Pine Gap' is not a foreign language show but is still a big step forward in the international outreach agenda. It is the first joint production between Netflix and ABC TV (Australia). 

The show is huge and is an urban legend for both Americans and Australians as for them anything substantial beyond the name is covered in mystery about 'Pine Gap', which is a colloquialism for the real-life Alice Springs based on a U.S. satellite surveillance center in the local Ground stations. There is nothing to worry about as the show assured that everything in it, apart from the setting is based on fiction and not fact. David Rosenburg, who happens to be a long-time employee at Pine Gap was added to act as an owner to these aspects of the show. This indeed has made this show one of the best on the representation front. 

However, the show received mixed reviews from everyone with some saying that it's just 'not good enough'. However, Netflix did not stop there and did not give up partnering with ABC and Screentime to distribute the show to the US audience. Per Bob Campbell from Screentime, Netflix is “open to doing shows that look and sound different and are not necessarily made in Burbank or New York or Arizona. They are spreading their wings.” So, does it mean the show will be getting a renewal? Here is everything we know. 

Will 'Pine Gap' Get A Second Installment?

There is no official information or announcement about the renewal as the show is a co-production and not just owned by Netflix. The decision to renew the show will be jointly decided between Netflix and ABC. However, the cast seems to want the renewal to happen badly and so does the show's creators. 



Despite not having an official announcement the show is listed as "Ended" on Wikipedia. This is definitely not a good sign.

When Will The Second Season Of 'Pine Gap' Be On Netflix?


We are simply going to assume that the show has been canceled. The show was not a big enough success and started its run with 580,000 viewers in Australia and eventually ended with 360,000. This initial figure wasn't the worst but the fact that the show lost almost half of its viewers through the course of the season is some cause for concern. I wouldn't be expecting to see Pine Gap season 2 anytime soon. However, it seems like Netflix has left the door open for a possible renewal.

Who Will Return For The Second Season Of 'Pine Gap'?


The first season was full of talented and famous actors like Parker Sawyers who plays the lead role of Gus Thompson and is famous for his role in 'Southside With You' where he played ex-president Barack Obama. Along with Gus, Jasmina, played by Tess Hubrich is seen. She is known for her involvement in a number of AAA action flicks back in Hollywood, which include The Wolverine (2013) and Alien: Covenant (2017). Two other big stars in the show are Steve Touissant and Jacqueline McKenzie. Even if the show gets renewed, we do not know which direction the plot will go as this is normal with mystery-based dramas like 'Pine Gap, making it hard to tell who will return for the show. However, we can expect and can be positive about Parker and Tess, who are the lead roles, returning if the second season gets a renewal.

This article was recently reviewed and is up to date as of May 21st, 2023.