Netflix's 'Partner Track' Season 1 Ending Explained: Ingrid's Life Falling Apart

When Ingrid Yun working at a high end firm is up for Junior Partner, the partner track is bound to get crowded, the show dabbles with racism and sexism in the workplace while also maintaining the rom-com vibe.

Cover Image Source: Netflix

Partner Track on Netflix is considered one of a kind at the moment. It follows our protagonist Ingrid Yun (Arden Cho), a lawyer who is Korean-American making her way to the top at her very high-end law firm. It is assumed that she would definitely face some form of racism or sexism in the firm due to her identity. But she braves through them all to ensure her career starts looking up. Initially, we see her over-working herself to the bone to ensure she is on the partner track (hence the show's name). 


What is unexpected is that a transfer from London Jeff Murphy (Dominic Sherwood) makes an appearance, he is also assumed to be on track to become a partner. The competition has now become fierce. Among all this professional drama, there also lies some personal drama. Ingrid had originally hooked up with Murphy and now, he doesn’t remember her at all. Even though Ingrid is with Nick at the moment and their relationship is going well, she is hesitant to make a deeper commitment with Nick (Rob Heaps) because the relationship seems to be going too fast in her experience. 


Her best friends Tyler (Bradley Gibson) and Rachel (Alexandra Turshen) are also going through difficult things in their life. Tyler has been questioning his position in the company after a few coworkers shrugged off Dan’s racist comments even though they rally for inclusivity and diversity. Meanwhile, Rachel’s client recently dies and she doesn’t know what to think of her job at Parsons Valentine. With the added pressure of dating the paralegal Justin (Roby Attal), she has been going through a lot. The silver lining in this situation is that she has found out that she has a flair for writing. Both Tyler and Rachel end up in a position that suits their personalities and helps them grow productively. 

Now for the kicker, Ingrid was definitely on the road to becoming a partner, she had closed the deal with SunCorp, running point on the deal and closing it with finesse. This doesn’t sit well with Murphy who doesn’t seem to have an interest in Ingrid as a person, but she has become a scapegoat for him to usurp her position. The duo became closer in their time at the firm and became good friends. When she got arrested because of a misunderstanding with her sister, she called Murphy to bail her out. He used this information to undermine her position with the other partners and is now the Junior Partner at the firm.


He pretends to not know why he was selected and Ingrid wasn’t and went as far as to console her when she didn’t get the job. In the end, Marty (Matthew Rauch) notifies her that the person consoling her is the reason he didn’t get the job in the first place. Turns out the predictions Tyler made for Murphy came hilariously true. In the next season, we could possibly see Ingrid take on a more assertive role as she would have to constantly prove herself in front of coworkers, additionally, the progressive downslide of her relationship with Nick could also end at an ultimatum, while her best friends choose a better place than Parsons Valentine to realize their dreams.

Season 1 of Partner Track is streaming on Netflix.