'Nine Perfect Strangers' Season 1 Ending Explained: What Happens To Tranquillum House?

'Nine Perfect Strangers' Season 1 Ending Explained: What Happens To Tranquillum House?

The guests discover secrets about each other as well as their host Masha and how one of the guests is related to her past.

What would you do if you went to a wellness retreat in the hopes to better yourself but realized you were being drugged instead of being treated?

That's exactly what this group of people on Nine Perfect Strangers have to deal with. This Hulu mini-series is based on the bestselling novel by Liane Moriarty of the same name and stars Nicole Kidman, Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon, Regina Hall, Samara Weaving, Manny Jacinto and is created by David E. Kelley and developed by John-Henry Butterworth. As the title suggests, nine strangers gather at Tranquillum House but soon discover that the retreat is not what it seems. They discover secrets about each other as well as their host Masha.


'Nine Perfect Strangers': Synopsis and Ending Explained 

The nine individuals are picked by Masha to come to Tranquillum House for 10 days. This includes Frances a romance novelist, Lars a health-retreat junkie, Ben and Jessica a young rich couple, Carmel a divorced single mother, Tony also a divorcee and finally the Marconi family, with Napoleon a schoolteacher, Heather his wife, and their daughter Zoe. At first, they don't get along but after they are administered a mysterious drug, they share the reasons they have come here to recharge at the retreat.

Soon the individuals learn that they are being given hallucinogens as part of Masha's treatment but are too high to do anything about it. But even though they are upset, the group starts having life-changing revelations. Once the effects of the drugs wear down, the guests realize they have been locked in. Masha had planned a group therapy as the nine guests try to escape. Masha decides to try something new instead. But one of her wellness consultants', Delilah, realizes that this will not end well and flees from the retreat in Ben's Lamborghini. Masha drugs Yao, another wellness consultant at her resort when he protests her new treatment as well. She gives the guests another activity but is soon distracted by the death of her child who strangled themself with a curtain wire when she was busy working. Masha decides to take drugs as well to take her mind of the matter. 


The guests trapped inside are now panicking because they can smell and hear fire. They later realize it was fake and also find that the door had been unlocked at some point and finally escape. By then the police, who were tipped off by Delilah, arrive and start interrogating everyone. Masha is taken away by them even as she is still tripping on the drugs. 

What Happens to Masha and the guests of Tranquillum House?

In the season finale, we learn that the hooded figure who had shot Masha was actually Carmel. The near-death experience from this incident had inspired Masha to begin her drug therapy retreat. The reason for Carmel's extreme action is revealed to be because Masha had slept with her husband. 

Masha is then arrested by the police even though none of the guests file a complaint against her having benefitted from her drug therapy. Thanks to the positive effects of the drug, the guests get to move on with their lives. In the time skip, we see that Ben and Zoe have taken over Tranquillum, Frances and Tony end up together and Frances even publishes a book. Lars, an undercover reporter writes about Masha for The New Yorker. The Marconis have finally found some peace while Carmel, inspired by Masha starts a new therapy group.


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