The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf Netflix Film - Everything We Know So Far

The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf Netflix Film - Everything We Know So Far

This new Witcher movie isn't going to be along the lines of what we've seen so far. It isn't going to follow Geralt of Rivia, but instead his mentor, Vesemir

It would really suck to be a peasant in the world of The Witcher. Set on "The Continent," which contains a series of city-states, the world is peopled by medieval-level villages and towns. Amidst this backdrop, in the dark corners of the world, live the monsters. Sadly, medieval peasants aren't very good at fighting, and the result is that they have to hire semi-human mutants called witchers to help them battle back the forces of darkness. If you haven't watched The Witcher on Netflix, then you really should do that, especially if you're into fantasy elements in your story. Nightmare of The Wolf is a prequel to the events of The Witcher and follows from the same source material - a series of books written by Andrzej Sapkowski. Here's what we've learned about this animated spinoff movie.

The Witcher

What's the Plot of Nightmare of The Wolf?

Those familiar with The Witcher franchise will no doubt be expecting "The Wolf" in the name to refer to Geralt of Rivia, the usual protagonist. However, in a twist, Netflix is going to tell a whole new story based on another beloved character from the books and game series. In Nightmare of The Wolf, we follow Vesemir, a much older witcher than Geralt. Readers and gamers alike will both know that Vesemir is Geralt's father-figure, an older witcher that taught Geralt the ropes. Now this series will follow Vesemir on his own journey, set many years in the past. Rumor has it that we'll see a cameo by Geralt in the movie as well, so it's another little something to look forward to. Viewers of the TV series who haven't met the older witcher yet will be pleasantly surprised. He's slated to make an appearance in season 2, making this the ideal time to introduce him to newcomers.

Who's In The Cast of Nightmare of The Wolf?

We know this project is going to be an animated film so that the actors that make up the cast will concern themselves with voicing characters. Netflix has cast Kim Bodnia in the role of Vesemir for the live-action series, but the actor isn't 100% guaranteed to hold the position in the animated film. What's more likely is that the actor who had the responsibility of playing the role of "Young Vesemir" (Divergent's Theo James) might be the one cast to voice the younger version of our protagonist. So far we're not clear on any other casting choices, and some members of the live-action film may reprise roles in the animated movie.


Why an Animated Movie?

Because of how readily that The Witcher became a popular series on Netflix after it dropped, maybe it was strange to consider that the movie is being made as an animated flick. However, in hindsight, this decision is probably for the best. Animated films cost less to make (as long as they don't employ a lot of special effects magic), and have a much faster turnover time than live-action recording. Also, since the whole COVID-19 lockdown situation has occurred, a lot of series have been shelved. Voluntary isolation has meant that actors and film crews alike are unreachable, making it impossible to move filming forward. Animation's lower need for people to be present on-set comes as a boon in this time of self-imposed quarantine.

When Should We Expect Nightmare of The Wolf to Drop?

Netflix hasn't set a definite release date on the project as yet. They have stated that they will be dropping the film before season 2 of The Witcher comes out, putting the estimated release date in the first half of 2021.

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