Netflix Viewers Praise "Masterpiece" Action Movie, Giving It A 10/10

Netflix viewers hail Bruce Willis 2003 movie as a masterpiece, blending action and emotion amidst a Nigerian crisis.

Tears Of The Sun

Netflix viewers recently celebrated the resurgence of an action-packed gem on Netflix, which many have hailed as a "masterpiece" in the genre. Starring Bruce Willis, this movie has captivated audiences and reignited discussions on platforms like the Netflix Bangers Facebook group.

Bruce Willis is renowned for his illustrious career in action films, with iconic roles in films like Armageddon and Die Hard. However, it is a lesser-known entry that has recently stolen the spotlight.

Released in 2003, Tears of the Sun takes viewers to Nigeria, where Willis assumes the role of a commanding officer in the US Navy amidst a political maelstrom. Tasked with safeguarding civilians ensnared in the turmoil, Willis leads his comrades on a perilous mission that unfolds against the backdrop of a nation in crisis.

Audiences have lauded the film's immersive experience, with many expressing their emotional investment in the story. Comments flooded in, with viewers praising the extended version as the definitive rendition and hailing Tears of the Sun as one of Willis's finest cinematic achievements, rivaling even the beloved Armageddon.

Some viewers were deeply moved by the film's poignant moments, revealing that it had evoked tears during their initial viewing—a testament to its emotional resonance. Others extolled it as a must-watch for any true cinephile, acknowledging its status as a true masterpiece within the action genre.


One said: "The extended version is the ONLY version to watch."

Another commented: "Best movie he ever made besides Armageddon, and I wouldn't choose."

Another commented: "I love this Movie... Yooh... I cried the 1st time i watched it."

A fourth posted: "A true movie lover can never miss this masterpiece."

However, while Tears of the Sun garnered fervent acclaim from audiences, critical reception was more mixed. On platforms like Rotten Tomatoes, where it holds a modest critics' score of 34 percent juxtaposed with a significantly higher audience rating of 69 percent, the film's merits and shortcomings sparked debate.

Critics, while acknowledging the film's ambitious attempt to tackle weighty themes amidst its action, lamented its perceived failure to seamlessly marry these disparate elements. Some felt that the film's lofty aspirations clashed with its adherence to conventional Hollywood action tropes, resulting in a disjointed viewing experience.

In particular, critics pointed to the film's portrayal of complex international issues, drawing parallels to real-world conflicts like those in Bosnia and Rwanda. While commendable in intent, these thematic explorations were perceived as undermined by the film's reliance on formulaic action sequences—a sentiment echoed by critics like David Ansen of Newsweek.

Despite the divergence in critical and audience reception, Tears of the Sun continues to captivate viewers on streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime, offering audiences a blend of action and introspection against the backdrop of global turmoil.

In summary, Tears of the Sun stands as a testament to Bruce Willis's versatility as an actor and the enduring appeal of action cinema, drawing audiences into a compelling story that navigates the tumultuous intersection of duty, sacrifice, and moral ambiguity. Whether hailed as a masterpiece or met with critical scrutiny, its legacy endures.