'Intimacy' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The series was well-received by the audiences and has an 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Source: Netflix

Intimacy or Intimidad is a Spanish political drama series that premiered on June 10, 2022. The series follows the story of a rising politician running for the Mayorship of Bilbao. Her political career is threatened when a secretly recorded video of her sex life is leaked to the public.

Source: Netflix

The first season of the show has eight episodes that have a run time of about 50 minutes each. It was created by Verónica Fernández and Laura Sarmiento and produced by Txintxua Films for Netflix. The series was well-received by the audiences and has an 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Here's what's in store for the future of the show:

Will There Be Season 2 Of Intimacy?

The show had made its way to the Netflix Top list at the No. 4 spot, with 15,900,000 hours of views in its first 10 days. But despite the show's good performance, it was not able to secure a renewal, and was canceled. It was one of those silent cancelations by Netflix.

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There is nothing to really feel sad about as the show has more or less come to a conclusion. It has not been slated as a limited series but Spanish media have noted how "neither the protagonists nor the producers have mentioned anything about a possible second round of episodes." 

Maybe there is still hope for a second season so let's explore some more possibilities in the case of a new season.

What Will The Plot Of Intimacy Season 2 Be?

Even though the show has come to a somewhat satisfactory ending, Spoiler Bolavip has stated how there was a tiny opening left in the first season based on which the second season could be built on. "In one of the last scenes, it is suggested that Malen is not satisfied with the resolution of his case, so Netflix could take that point in the story for a second season with more personal plots from different women," the Spanish site noted. There is a lot of potential for the show creators to explore another thrilling plot for the second season.

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Who Will Be Cast In Intimacy Season 2?

The main cast of the show will most likely be reprising their roles. If the show does get renewed, we can expect to see Itziar Ituño as Malen, Verónica Echegui as Ane, Emma Suárez as Miren, Ana Wagener as Alicia, Patricia López Arnaiz as Bego, Yune Nogueiras as Leire, and Daniel Barea Cabrera on the show again. 

Source: Netflix