Netflix's 'Resident Evil' Takes Spot Among Worst Rated Shows As Fans Express Disappointment

Netflix's 'Resident Evil' Takes Spot Among Worst Rated Shows As Fans Express Disappointment

The show has some of the lowest audience ratings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes even though critics gave the show some positive ratings.

While fans had eagerly waited for Resident Evil's release with bated breath, the huff was quite disappointing. The show has managed to become one of Netflix’s worst shows and might even go down in TV history as one of the worst-rated shows, LADBible reported. 


Netflix has managed to release popular, award-winning titles like Stranger Things and The Queen’s Gambit, but this show didn’t make the cut. Resident Evil follows a post-apocalyptic world. A woman's quest to find her sister and avenge her family leads to her dodging attacks from infected creatures.

Adapted from a video game, it has managed to piss many fans off because of its storyline and character development. It was released on July 14, 2022, giving fans enough time to dissect and hand in their detailed opinion on whether the show worked or not. 


Fans of the game were thoroughly disappointed. The show has received an Audience Score of just 26 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, while on IMDb the series has been rated a measly 3.4/10, based on average ratings from 4,042 IMDb users. Earlier this year, ScreenRant listed the 15 worst shows on Netflix according to IMDb, at which point the series Racket Boys took the top (or bottom) spot with a rating of just 1.9/10. Now, however, Racket Boys has managed to overtake Resident Evil, with a current score of 4.0. 


The only saving grace for this show were the few people who rated the show highly (at 10/10) on IMDb, but even that wasn’t enough to drag it out of the depths. People had some brutal opinions. One user on Twitter, The Critical Drinker, writes, “Resident Evil on Netflix may be the most boring, pointless garbage I've seen all year, with absolutely nothing in common with its source material. It's [sic] so bad, it makes the Milla Jovovich movies look like absolute works of art in comparison.” 


Another user, brady @Bayonetta3stanaccount, posted, “Me, trying to break into Netflix headquarters so I can delete the new Resident Evil series off their servers:” with a video of a person running at full speed attached. It doesn’t stop there, people are shamed for even liking the show, one user named, ToasterAssassin, wrote, “Whoever gave the Resident Evil Netflix series a 9/10 - I didn't realize dogsh*t was rated so high.”  


These opinions are generally an expectation when they have been adapted from an intellectual property especially a book or a game. Like this user, Sydney Watson, who said, “It really is remarkable how Netflix is singlehandedly screwing up series/films/adaptations based on storylines that already exist. How do you screw it up THIS much when you don't even have to create anything new? And yes. The new Resident Evil series is unwatchable.”


Don’t lose hope though, because The Guardian has given the show four out of five stars and there are people who remarkably find the show well done.

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