Netflix Might Lose Wednesday For Season 2. Find Out Where It Might Stream

Wednesday went on to becomes the 2nd most streamed show of all time and now Netflix might lose the show? What's Going On?

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

There is only a slim chance that you haven't already caught the Netflix show Wednesday as the show has gone on to become one of the most popular shows of all time. We have a full review and ending explained on our page if you want to get a better grip on the show. Anyway, the news is that there's a good chance Netflix won't be streaming the second season of the show on their platform. Wait up, don't freak out yet, the show might, and let's take a moment to note that nothing has been confirmed yet but yes, the show might end up on Amazon Prime next year. Deadline reported that last year Amazon and MGM finalized an $8.5 bn merger. Wednesday is an MGM production if you didn't already know, so it's easy math that it could come on Prime instead of Netflix.

However, as we mentioned before nothing is certain yet, we will get some news soon as one of the two streamers has to comment on the situation soon. It was also recently announced that Jenna Ortega who plays Wednesday has been nominated for a Golden Globe, However, the young actor says that she was intimidated to play a part that was a staple in the 90s for pop culture. "You want to do something different. You don’t want to be ripping off anybody else’s performance," she said. 

"We’ve never spent so much time with Wednesday on screen before; there has to be more dimension in order to push that story forward."

What Is the Plot of Wednesday?


Spoilers Ahead...

The show begins with Wednesday getting expelled from her regular high school, where she tries to kill her brother's bullies. She is then admitted to a new school which is a school made especially for outcasts. She hates it in her new school initially but soon meets some friends, like her roommate, Enid. She then goes on to solve a murder mystery that has been prevalent for quite some time now. Wednesday takes it upon herself to solve the mystery and save the future victims. The show is creepy but, at the same time, pretty enthralling. The show ends with a cliffhanger. Wednesday receives an anonymous message on her brand-new phone. The stalker sends her two pictures; one is of Tyler giving her coffee, and the other is of Xavier giving her the phone. A text pops, I am watching you, and that's where the show ends.