'Money Heist' Spin-Off Series Featuring 'Berlin': Everything We Know So Far

'Money Heist' Spin-Off Series Featuring 'Berlin': Everything We Know So Far

Even though the original series will be ending soon, 'Money Heist' fans have spin-offs of the hit show to look forward to.

La casa de Papel, better known as Money Heist, is the Spanish heist crime drama on Netflix that took the world by storm. The show was initially intended as a limited series to be released in two parts, but after its huge success, it was brought back for more. The third season was again divided into two parts, with the first part streaming on Netflix earlier this year. The second and what is said to be the last part of the series is set to stream on December 3.

Money Heist

The show has become a phenomenon, and even though the original series will be ending soon, Money Heist fans have the spin-offs to look forward to. The first of the spin-offs will be happening in South Korea. Now, the second spin-off was announced, and this one will be based on the fan-favorite character, Berlin. Here's what you need to know about the series that will be titled Berlin: A New Series.

What Is The Plot Of Berlin: A New Series?

Netflix is expanding the Money Heist universe with this spin-off that will be centered around Berlin, also known as Andrés de Fonollosa, played by Pedro Alonso, reported DEADLINE. Berlin is the Professor's second-in-command and his older brother. He is characterized as a "cold, hypnotic, sophisticated and disturbing character, an inveterate macho with serious empathy problems, a white-collar thief who despises his colleagues and considers them inferior." 


“I’m so happy about it,” Alonso said of the spin-off, reported TVLine. “I am deeply grateful to be able to connect with people all over the world and receive so much love and such a memorable time. We started this series walking into the unknown, and we have been winning ever since. You fans are our accomplices, and thank you for that.”

Who Is Cast In Berlin: A New Series?

Alonso will be reprising his role as the titular character, which is something we know for certain. “Responsibility can be something that weighs on you,” Alonso stated. “It can be a prison. But in the case of this show, it has been a wonderful opportunity and real cosmic magic. This team has gone above and beyond for five years, and I am sending them all kisses. It is really amazing this feeling knowing that people all over the world have favorite characters and favorite quotes. This is demanding work but it is worth it because of the fans.”

In the latest season, we learned that Berlin has a son named Rafael, well-versed in cyber security and electrical engineering. He may also have a significant role to play in the spin-off. But we do not know many details yet.

When Will Berlin: A New Series Be Released?

Netflix made the announcement for the new spin-off just as the final five episodes of the original series are set to drop in two days.

On Twitter, Netflix stated, "This heist might be coming to an end, but the story continues...  Berlin: A New Series, coming in 2023." 


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