Mystery Of The 'Moonlighting' Solved | 'Disney Prepping To Sell Reruns'

Mystery Of The 'Moonlighting' Solved | 'Disney Prepping To Sell Reruns'

Creator Glenn Gordon Caron, through a thread of posts revealed that 'Moonlighting' will be rerun by Disney.

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Glen Gordon Caron who is known to produce popular Television shows like 'Moonlighting' in the 1980s and 'Medium' in the 2000s, created a stir among the audience through a thread of posts on Twitter that led fans to speculate that 'Moonlighting,' starring Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis would soon get a reboot. The drama that was created for ABC back in the day was revisited when Caron teased a big announcement with Disney saying, "Disney and I have put our heads together..." reports Deadline

Moonlighting lasted for five seasons in the late '80s. Getting the existing seasons of Moonlighting on streaming has created a lot of challenges for people who want to view the show so finding a solution to that problem would be a huge deal for the fans of the show. After teasing a “big announcement” with regard to the show, writer Caron “let the cat out of the bag today” by revealing what he actually meant by that mysterious tweet.

The Deadline reports, that he cleared the air by stating that there are no plans to reboot the show. He and the owner, Disney have plans to rerun the show on a digital platform. It’s going to take some time, he says, but "I wanted you to be the first to know." The process of prepping the show for the market has already begun. "It’s an ambitious project. Lots of moving parts. And it could take a while," he writes. 

In his ambiguous tweet he said, "No word yet on where or when you'll be seeing it ---but it's happening!" The thread of his Twitter posts went on as: 








This appears to be good news for the fans of the show and for those who are curious to catch the famous show soon. 





Cover Image Source: IMDb

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