'My Name' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'My Name' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Yoon Ji-woo manages to avenge hi father's death. Will we see her again for another season?

Asian titles are currently dominating Netflix. Following the enormous success of 'Squid Game,' a new Korean series is taking the streaming giant by storm. 

'My Name' is a gripping action-drama series directed by Kim Jin-min and starring Han So-hee. It follows a young woman hired by the mafia to infiltrate the police and avenge his father's death. But what she uncovers is the exact opposite of what she believed.

The first season released eight episodes on Netflix on October 7, 2021, and quickly shot to Netflix's top 10. Let us see what the future holds for the series.

Here is everything we know about a potential second season of 'My Name.'

My Name

Will There Be 'My Name' Season 2?

Netflix has not renewed 'My Name' for season 2 yet. 'My Name' may not be as massively popular as 'Squid Game,' but it still garnered plenty of attention worldwide.

'My Name' managed to enter the top ten lists in over 80 different countries. It stayed on the upper ranking for several days in the UK and US. Since Squid Game, 'My Name' has been one of the most successful Asian Netflix shows, reaching the number one spot in multiple territories, including Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand.

These are all very good signs. However, we have seen Netflix cancel titles despite their incredible performance in the past. The first season also had a definitive ending, suggesting there might be no plans for the show to return.

All we could do for now is wait for Netflix's official announcement.

My Name

When Will 'My Name' Season 2 Release?

'My Name' is not renewed for season 2 yet, but in case it gets the go signal soon, we can expect to see season 2 sometime in 2022 or 2023. Again, these are still speculations. We are still waiting for Netflix to confirm the show's renewal.

My Name

What Is The Plot Of 'My Name' Season 2?

'My Name' follows the story of Yoon Ji-woo, a young woman who is a member of the Dongcheon, Korea's biggest drug ring.

She infiltrates the police as Oh Hye-jin to seek revenge for her father's death.

As mentioned, the first season wrapped the plot nicely. Yoon Ji Woo's has achieved her goals. She managed to exact revenge on the man responsible for her father's death.

She found out that her father was an undercover police officer who tried to infiltrate the gang. Yoon Ji Woo acknowledges and honors her sacrifices to bring down the Dongcheon mob.

Aside from the mystery of her father's death, Ji Woo also solved the murder of Detective Jeon Pil Do, who became close to her throughout the season. She killed Mujin, the leader of the Dongcheon gang.

There are no loose ends to explore anymore as far as the original story is concerned. If the show gets renewed for another season, we will likely see Yoon Ji Woo with a new predicament to solve.

She could return to the police force and continue working on the narcotics unit again. That would bring her closer to Cha Gi Ho, the leader of the Narcotics crime unit and the only person who knows more about her father.

My Name

Who Is Cast In 'My Name' Season 2?

If the show gets renewed for another season, we expect Han So-hee to reprise her role as Yoon Ji-woo / Oh Hye-jin.

Kim Sang Ho could also return as Cha Gi Ho, but aside from them, the new season would likely introduce new characters. There is still a chance for the characters who died in the first season to return through flashbacks. That includes Park Hee-soon as Choi Mu-jin and Ahn Bo-hyun as Jeon Pil-do. 

'My Name' Season 2 Official Trailer: When Can We See It? 

First off, the show needs to secure a renewal. Then, it has to enter production and editing. Without an official renewal, it will be an indefinite wait. Trailers often release a month before a show premieres. If the show gets renewed before the year ends and begins production shortly, we can expect a trailer to release sometime in 2022. We will update this space once we get more information. Enjoy the season 1 trailer in the meantime. Would you like to see another season of 'My Name?'



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