Disney+'s 'Moon Knight' Season 1 Ending Explained: New Personality Unlocked

Mohammed Diab's iteration of Moon Knight is what made the show so critically acclaimed, while it doesn't feature much of the MCU, it creates its own identity as a show.

Cover Image Source: Disney+

It is rarely seen that a character with such a visible mental illness like Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) became an acclaimed superhero. However, Moon Knight dispels all the stigma only to empower his character by introducing different versions of the same caped superhero. In the last episode, we see our favorite Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) stuck in the Duat meanwhile Marc Spector is making his way through the Field of Reeds and even though Taweret warns Marc to not go back for Steven, the experiences of episode 5 cement his relationship with Steven as a partner and friend.


In this episode, Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), our villain has finally been able to summon Ammit (Saba Mubarak), who in Egyptian mythology is known as the ‘devourer of the dead,’ her powers include judging every mortal soul on Earth to know whether they are worthy of living or not. This preemptive judgment which we see happening even in Captain America: The Winter Soldier shows how problematic an approach like this could be. Judging someone before they commit a crime or do something wrong is at the pinnacle of moral ambiguity

Since Marc/Steven is supposedly dead at that point, Taweret (Antonia Salib) and Layla (May Calamawy), the archaeologist, and Marc’s wife have been communicating with each other to defeat Harrow and Ammit. Even Khonshu (F. Murray Abraham) comes to Layla with the proposition of her becoming an Avatar which she vehemently refuses. Instead, she becomes a (temporary) avatar or Taweret to make sure the people are safe. Dubbed the Scarlet Scarab, Layla is now recognized as an Egyptian superhero by a grateful bystander. 


After a heartwarming scene of Marc talking to Steven about his experiences, the two open the doors to the mortal world coming back in his body, which Khonshu swiftly heals so he can finally become Moon Knight one final time to save the world. However, Steven and Marc cut a deal with Khonshu saying after this they won’t be his Avatar anymore. Khonshu agrees to leave them both alone after this. In the heat of the battle with Arthur, Marc seems to be losing and Steven can’t keep up either, they both black out and when they wake, they see destruction and damage. In the end, we see Harrow being separated from Ammit as his Avatar and Ammit is dead when Khonshu kills her. 

Harrow is gone, Khonshu has left and things are finally settling down, but remember Khonshu said he would only leave the two of them alone. Cue Jake Lockley making an appearance, the third alter of Marc Specter that neither of them knew about. The Spanish-speaking merc shoots Harrow in front of a suit-clad Khonshu and the episode comes to an end. Clearly, there is much room to explore season 2 with Jake Lockley. Steve and Marc suddenly waking up after blacking out. The future of Scarlet Scarab and whether Layla will allow Taweret to use her as an Avatar. Or could it possibly be that we see Moon Knight in another show with Scarlet Scarab? (Doctor Strange and Moon Knight?)


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