Mike Flanagan's Netflix Series 'Midnight Mass' Ending Explained

Mike Flanagan's Netflix Series 'Midnight Mass' Ending Explained

Father Paul brings with him glorious miracles to Crocket Island that renews religious fervor in an isolated island town but these miracles are not what they seem.

Midnight Mass is the new Netflix horror series by Mike Flanagan that deals with a lot of intense topics regarding, life, death, religion, in an ominous setting. After bringing other hit series like The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor to Netflix, Flanagan has delivered another series that will capture your imagination. Midnight Mass will definitely have a lingering after-effect and make you think about it a lot after you have finished watching it. 


The series follows the arrival of a charismatic young priest who brings with him glorious miracles that renews religious fervor in an isolated island town. The miracles are not what they seem and before long, the whole town is enveloped in havoc. The series starts off slow and concludes on a high note. Here is everything you need to know about the mysteries on Crocket Island. Warning, major spoilers ahead.

'Midnight Mass': Synopsis  

The series starts off with the scene of an automobile accident and we are introduced to Riley Flynn (Zach Gilford) who has killed a young woman after drinking and driving. He is sent to prison and returns to his parents' home on Crocket Island where there are barely 100 people. There he struggles to find his purpose in life and reconnects with his childhood friend, a pregnant Lynn Greene(Kate Siegel), who has also returned to the island after running away from it many years ago. A young priest, Father Paul (Hamish Linklater,) also comes to the island bearing the news of their church's Monsignor's ill-health and how he will not be making it to the island anytime soon.


Father Paul assimilates to life on the island and wins everyone's heart. Then the miracles start happening. First Leeza (Annarah Cymone), the Mayor's daughter who had been in a wheelchair after an accident suddenly gains the ability to walk again. Riley’s mother, (Kristin Lehman), discovers she no longer needs glasses, and his father’s (Henry Thomas) bad back becomes better. Sarah Gunning (Annabeth Gish) is a doctor on the island and her mother's dementia goes away, and she gradually becomes decades younger. We learn that this happens because Father Paul had been mixing the angel's blood with the Communion wine to give the parish.

What happened to Monsignor Pruitt?

Father Paul enters the confession booth and relates the story of Monsignor Pruitt who had been to Jerusalem for a pilgrimage. The old Monsignor had lost his way and ends up in a desert. He seeks shelter from the desert storm in a cave where he comes across a winged creature that attacks him. He wakes as his younger self and returns to the island. He also brings the winged creature he deems an angel with him to perform the same miracles on the townsfolk. Island resident Bev Keane (Samantha Sloyan) soon learns about the Father's true identity and helps him hide it as he becomes bloodthirsty and ends up killing. He also cannot walk into direct sunlight which is why he starts conducting midnight mass at the church.

Midnight Mass

Riley ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time and also becomes a vampire-esque being as well. His morality does not allow him to go on and he confides in Lynn. To make her believe him, he sacrifices himself as the sun rises and turns him to dust. Lynn tells Hannah the truth about Father Paul who believes her. Together, they decide to help the townspeople. 

'Midnight Mass' Ending Explained: The Book of Revelation

Father Paul decides to share the miracle of the angel with everyone in town on Easter. He plans the Easter mass so that the island is cut off from the mainland. The angel is then invited to mass where Father Paul says that they will all be resurrected into an immortal body. They are offered poison and they come back to life, blood-thirsty. The people start attacking and killing each other to drink blood. Bev decides this is The Book of Revelation in motion and decides to set the whole island on fire except the church's rec center to act as a modern-day arc to take on the true believers. But Lynn, Hannah, and the town's sheriff Hassan foil their plan by setting the rec center and church on fire, so when dawn comes, the townspeople who had "resurrected" would turn to dust. 

Midnight Mass

In the end, the only survivors from the island are Leeza and Riley's younger brother, Warren. 

What Is The Creature in 'Midnight Mass'?

Although Father Paul insists that the creature is an angel, the creature has many characteristics pointing it in the direction of a vampire. The wings, its thirst for blood, and its aversion to sunlight. But according to the priest, the creature is an angel because, in the Bible, angels are described as fearsome beings that even Mary feared. Even though the creature has violent and destructive tendencies, Father Paul continues to compare it to a holy being even though it is most definitely a monster.


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