Matthew Perry Refused To Film A "Friends" Scene Where Chandler Cheats on Monica

Matthew Perry, famous for playing Chandler in "Friends," refused to film a scene where Chandler cheats on Monica, preserving the character's integrity and storyline.

Chandler and Monica

Matthew Perry, known for his iconic role as Chandler Bing on the beloved TV series "Friends," made a significant decision during the show's production that could have altered one of the series' storylines. Despite Friends ending almost 20 years ago, revelations about the show continue to surface, giving fans new insights into its development.

As one of the show's six main cast members, Matthew Perry had a considerable influence on the series, thanks to his impeccable portrayal of Chandler, characterized by witty humor and unique delivery. However, it wasn't a humorous storyline that led Perry to make a stand; it was a plotline related to Chandler's relationship with Monica, played by Courteney Cox.

Most fans of the show are well-acquainted with the episodes set in Las Vegas, where the gang experiences a series of adventures. One of the notable subplots revolved around Monica and Chandler's tumultuous relationship during their stay in Sin City.

The unexpected revelation about Chandler's character and his supposed infidelity comes from actor Lisa Cash, who had a cameo appearance in the show back in 1999. Originally cast to play a staff member at the hotel where Monica and Chandler were staying, Cash eventually portrayed a flight attendant.

According to Cash, the initial script depicted a heated argument between Monica and Chandler in Las Vegas, triggered by Monica having lunch with her ex-boyfriend, Richard. Chandler was scripted to return to their hotel room, order room service, and interact with Lisa's character, who was originally intended to be a hotel worker.

As the scene unfolded, Lisa's character was meant to engage in conversation and laughter with Chandler, leading to a shocking twist – Chandler cheating on Monica with Lisa's character.

The thought of such an event transpiring on the show raised concerns about how audiences would react.

Lisa Cash revealed in an interview with TMZ that the scene was rehearsed, and everything seemed set for filming in front of a live audience. However, just a day before the scheduled shoot, a surprising twist occurred. Matthew Perry, who portrayed Chandler, intervened and conveyed his concerns to the show's writers.

Perry's assertion was clear and unwavering: he believed that the audience would never forgive Chandler for cheating on Monica. This powerful statement from one of the show's central figures ultimately led to a significant decision being made, and the scene never made it to the screen.

Lisa Cash, although disappointed that her scene with Matthew Perry didn't materialize, acknowledged the unique opportunity she had to work alongside Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer in the plane scene. She described the experience as "great" and "really fun," even though it didn't result in her sharing the screen with Perry.

While the decision may have disappointed some fans who hoped to see a different storyline unfold, many would likely agree with Matthew Perry's stance. His commitment to maintaining the integrity of Chandler's character and his relationship with Monica prevailed, preserving the dynamics that made "Friends" such a beloved and enduring sitcom.