'Legally Blonde' 3: Everything We Know So Far

'Legally Blonde' 3: Everything We Know So Far

Get ready to bend and snap for the third time! 'Legally Blonde' 3 is coming out next year!

'Legally Blonde' 3 is happening, with Reese Witherspoon back as the iconic Elle Woods!

The classic comedy 'Legally Blonde' was released in 2001 and tells the story of a perky sorority-girl turned lawyer, who has won the hearts of millions of people across the globe. 

Although it wasn't intentionally marketed as a feminist flick, fans of the franchise have branded Elle as a feminist icon over the years.

The film is based on Amanda Brown's 2001 novel of the same name. It was a major success grossing $141.8 million worldwide, and spawned a sequel, a DVD spin-off, and even a musical.  

The third film has been in development for a long time now, but fans can rest assured that Reese and her team are working on it.

'Legally Blonde' 3 will be produced by Hello Sunshine, Witherspoon’s production company.

Mindy Kaling and Brooklyn Nine-Nine creator Dan Goor were tapped to write the screenplay. Here's everything we know about 'Legally Blonde' 3.

Legally Blonde

When Will 'Legally Blonde' 3 Release?

The much-anticipated threequel is finally coming to theaters on May 20, 2022. It was supposed to arrive on February 14, 2020, but has suffered numerous setbacks.

'Legally Blonde' 3 was first announced by Reese Witherspoon in 2018, through an Instagram video of her sunbathing in the pool, clad in an Elle Woods–inspired bikini. 


However, it took a couple of years before they were finally able to put everything together. Aside from the delays brought by the Coronavirus pandemic, there were also several changes with the writing team that also affected the show's development.

The film is yet to start production, so the dates can still change. 


What Is The Plot of 'Legally Blonde' 3?

The exact plot details are kept under the rug, but we already know that the upcoming film will see Elle Woods now in her 40s. 

Kaling recently told Access Hollywood she can't wait to see how fans would react to an older and more mature Elle.

“I can’t wait to see what people think. How Elle Woods is at 40 versus when she was 21 has been really fun to imagine.”

'Legally Blonde' 3 will also feature the same things that we loved from the previous films: fashion, feminism, and more!

Reese Witherspoon told THR back in 2019 that the upcoming film will be "so much fun, so full of fashion, so full of awesome feminist ideas".

She added that it will be global, will have animals to it, and will bring back some of our beloved cast members.


Who Are In The Cast Of 'Legally Blonde' 3?

We already know that Reese Witherspoon will be reprising her iconic role as Elle Woods.

Jennifer Coolidge, Alanna Ubach, and Jessica Cauffel are also confirmed to return as Paulette Bonafonté, Margot, and Serena McGuire, respectively. Luke Wilson is not yet confirmed to return for the third film, although he is likely to do so along with the rest of the original cast members.

Sadly, Moonie, the chihuahua that played Elle's adorable dog, Bruiser Woods, in the previous films, died in 2016. We know how much Elle loved Bruiser, so we are still not sure how the upcoming film will go about this aspect of her character now that Moonie is gone. 

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'Legally Blonde' 3 Official Trailer: When Can We See It?

It's going to be a long, indefinite wait, but we'll get to see Elle back (that's for sure). For now, we just have to extend our patience. 

This is a developing article, and we will continue to update this as we get more information. Are you excited to see  'Legally Blonde' 3? Make sure to follow us to get the latest news and updates! 

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