Kids Around The World Honor Chadwick Boseman With Action Figure Memorials

Kids Around The World Honor Chadwick Boseman With Action Figure Memorials

Children paid tribute to actor Chadwick Boseman by holding action figure memorials and doing the 'Wakanda Forever' salute.

Children found a way to honor Chadwick Boseman after the devastating news of his death has left fans worldwide gripping in grief.

The beloved Black Panther actor died at 43 last week after succumbing to colon cancer, a disease he has been secretly fighting for four years.

Since the announcement of his passing, fellow actors, Avengers, and fans worldwide have paid their tribute to Chadwick, and now kids have honored him too through action figures.

Mark Ruffalo, who starred with Chadwick in the Avengers films, shared two photos of young boys holding their funerals for the Black Panther using their toys.

This is his power and impact on the next generation. #ChadwickForever,' Ruffalo said alongside the photos.


Posts from parents all around the globe started sharing photos of their kids commemorating the death of Wakanda's T'Challa.

King Westbrook tweeted a photo of his son Kian and his action figures with a caption: 'My baby boy and the Avengers holding a memorial for Black Panther #Wakanda4Ever.'

According to King, Kian was heartbroken when he found out about Chadwick's death. He, however, assured that Kian' knows death is a part for being human, and wanted to cope with losing his hero this way.'


Speaking to CNN, the young boy explained: "He was a good role model to me and Black boys because he let me know Black boys can be heroes too,"

The young fan further added: "When I found out he died, I felt very sad. I was crying and couldn't stop talking about him."

Other similar photos of children came pouring in, and news agencies picked up the sweet story.


The news of Chadwick's death came as a huge surprise for fans worldwide. The actor never showed signs of his failing health, except in April, when he posted a self-shot video.

In the short video in what would've been a celebration of Major League Baseball Jackie Robinson Day, Chadwick was promoting an initiative to help hospitals that serve African-American communities. However, his message was quickly drowned by fans who were surprised by his dramatic weight loss.

The actor and his management kept quiet, while some fans dismissed their negative thoughts and attributed his new appearance as a preparation for a project he'll be working on.

Chadwick Boseman

When the news of his passing came on August 28th, 2020, not a single soul was prepared to lose such a phenomenal actor.

Chadwick's Black Panther was more than a simple superhero movie. He was an inspiration to many Black kids, a representation that tells them they too can be a hero. He became a symbol of Black power.

Aside from playing Black panther, Chadwick is also known for portraying inspiring Black figures, including Jackie Robinson, James Brown, and Thurgood Marshall.

In a crazy coincidence, Chadwick's death also came on the same day as Jackie Robinson Day.

The celebration is often held each season on April 15th but was moved to August 28th during the 2020 Major League Baseball season.

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