Jeff Bezos' Fiancée Lauren Sánchez's Reaction To Meeting Leonardo DiCaprio Went Viral For How Awkward It Is

It was a bit awakward!

Jeff Besos fiancee meets Leornardo DiCaprio

Social media users are in stitches about Jeff Bezos' fiancée Lauren Sánchez's interaction with Leonardo DiCaprio.

At the 10th Annual Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)'s Art and Film Gala Presented By Gucci in 2021, Lauren Sánchez and Jeff Bezos regrettably stopped to speak with DiCaprio. This incident was captured on camera and is now making the rounds on social media.

On November 7, 2021, the actor from Killers of the Flower Moon happened to run across the creator of Amazon and his then-girlfriend, now fiancee.

Since then, the video has gone viral on sites like X. In it, Sánchez is seen so close to DiCaprio that it appears as though she is half-hugging him. Her eyes are fixated on the actor's face, and she is grinning.

Bezos is across from her, but it appears as though he isn't even there as DiCaprio and Sánchez converse. After that, the actor appears to be leaving the conversation by waving his finger, naturally followed by Sánchez walking a step further.


People quickly flocked to the post with their opinions, and years later, they were still discussing it.

Yesterday, June 10, the Historic Vids X account reposted the video with the comment, "When Leonardo Dicaprio met Jeff Bezos & his girlfriend at the Art Gala in LA."

A member on X commented, saying, "I thought he wanted nothing to do with girls over 26."

Another said: "Get a girl that looks at you like Bezos's girl looks at Leo."

"Who else noticed how she was staring at Leonardo the whole time?" asked a third person.

A fourth person laughed: "Find you someone who looks at you the way Jeff Bezos' girlfriend looks at Leonardo DiCaprio."

Fortunately for Bezos, he didn't really have too much to worry about in the end, as he and Sánchez have since gotten engaged. Of course, not even being one of the richest men in the world could convince his girlfriend at the moment to tear her eyes away from the actor.

The couple announced their engagement in May 2023. There hasn't been any information about a wedding date being announced, so perhaps they married in secret, as many celebrities do these days. Regardless, because Sánchez is older than 25, there's not really a reason to rush.