Interactive Horror Film 'Escape The Undertaker': Plot, Best Route, and Ending Explained

Interactive Horror Film 'Escape The Undertaker': Plot, Best Route, and Ending Explained

The short film features the wrestling team The New Day, who will have to survive the obstacles at The Undertaker’s spooky mansion while they try to take away his urn.

Netflix and WWE's unusual collaboration brings to us the interactive movie special, Escape The Undertaker. The short film features The New Day, who will have to survive the surprises at The Undertaker’s spooky mansion while they try to take away his urn. It will be up to the viewers to decide the fate of The New Day in this WWE-themed special.


The Undertaker is a well-known professional wrestler who gained popularity for including macabre elements of horror and the supernatural in his wrestling matches. The Netflix film is based on this narrative that fans of wrestling will be able to appreciate. While Halloween is right around the corner and you may not be able to participate in an actual panic room escape, this virtual alternative should make up for it to some extent.

'Escape The Undertaker': Plot

The movie features the wrestling team, The New Day, whom the viewer will be helping throughout the story. The trio — Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E have a mission to retrieve The Undertaker's urn. They will then use the powers from the urn to become unstoppable. But to do that, they have to cross several obstacles, and this is in the hands of the audience. 


Later on, it is revealed that the urn is inherently evil and it likes to feed off the good. Since The New Day are considered the force of good, having mastered the Power of Positivity, the urn tries to steal their soul every time they get a hold of it. The mission then becomes clear. It is not to possess the urn but to destroy it so no one else can use the power of evil again.

The Best Route To Take

There is nothing like figuring out the route by yourself but if you would like some guidance here are the obstacles The New Day have to go through. You will have to decide which one of the three members you have to follow as they are allowed to enter the mansion by The Undertaker. If you choose Kofi and follow "the whispers" it will take you upstairs, where there is a photo of Paul Bearer and an artist’s depiction of The Undertaker’s druids worshipping the urn. If you choose Woods, it will take you to the basement, where the fog seems to be coming out of a room. Either way, the three will be reunited after they hear Big E shouting for help. His route is the one where you follow the lights.

By following the lights you go to The Undertaker's trophy room. This is also where the good stuff happens after Big E sits on The Undertaker’s throne and it traps him there as the urn starts glowing. This indicates the beginning of the urn sucking Big E's soul out as The Undertaker informs them. There is an hourglass that will indicate when the transfer of the soul is complete. But this can be stopped by retrieving two keys. For this, you will again be given two options — you can either go upstairs or downstairs. 


If you choose upstairs, you will get stuck in a loop. So choose downstairs, which will take you to the basement where there is a morgue. Here you can either follow Woods or stay put. If you choose to follow Woods, you will disappear to a dark foggy place. But if you stay right there, you will be shown how to get the key and retrieve it. Big E will suggest breaking the urn. If you do that, The New Day will experience visions. It is best to keep looking for the second key. You will then be asked to choose between following a secret passageway or stay in The Undertaker's library. If you choose to stay in the library you will be able to retrieve the second key. You will also discover a power vial, which you will need later.

'Escape the Undertaker' Ending: How To Get Out Of The Mansion

Using the keys, the urn is unlocked by The New Day. But before they grab the urn they are warned by the Deadman not to do so. But they go ahead and touch it anyway and end up having to live through their worst fears. You can pick among Kofi's fear of failure; Big E's arachnophobia; or Woods' claustrophobia. Do not choose the selfish option unless you want the member to become The Undertaker’s druid. Choose the other option for the final showdown between good and evil. You will be given an option to either destroy the urn or grab it. This is where the vial comes in. You will have to choose to destroy the urn. Big E will drink the vial that will help him destroy the urn without any consequences. After it is destroyed, The Undertaker vanishes, and the trio is transported outside. You will be given one last choice to make between going back to face the fears or rest in peace. By choosing the latter, you manage to Escape The Undertaker, who then appears on the screen to congratulate you as well.


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