Horror Movies That Are So Bad They Turned Into Comedies

Horror Movies That Are So Bad They Turned Into Comedies

These horror flicks are so bad it's good

We have high expectations in horror movies. We want them to be scary. But they won't be scary if they weren't logical. We want them to have realistic graphics, great acting, and a well-rounded plot. 

Unfortunately, the following horror films missed those requirements. Here are 10 horror films that are so bad they turned into a comedy. 


1. 'Sharknado'

We're starting our list straight with the wildest one yet, 'Sharknado'! The premise of the film is already given in the title. A tornado forms in Mexico then moves its way to Los Angeles. But it's no simple tornado. It brings with it hordes of sharks that get unleashed along the way, wreaking havoc on the city's inhabitants. The film's ridiculous plot, paired with amateur special effects and mediocre acting, makes it one of the unintentionally funniest horror films ever created.

Jaws 3D

2. 'Jaws 3D'

The third installment of the Jaws franchise was a big disappointment to its previous predecessors. The film follows a group of water skiers in Sea World, where a great white shark is held in captivity. The problem began when the mother shark finds her way to Sea World, looking for her offspring. The staff and the pair of friendly dolphins stepped in to save the day. The preposterous storyline and cheesy dialogue caused the film to cross the line between horror and comedy. 

House Of The Dead

3. 'House Of The Dead'

Based on a video game of the same name, House of the Dead follows a group of college students attacked by a group of zombies in a rave on a remote island. After one of them gets killed, the rest of the group comes together to exact revenge on the undead. Suddenly, these students know martial arts and shooting. The guns have endless ammunition, the acting is horrible, and the writing and graphics are so bad that it becomes funny instead of scary. 

Jason X

4. 'Jason X'

In this film, the infamous killer is kidnapped by the government and cryogenically frozen. 445 years later, unwitting young space travelers took his body on board their spaceship and wake him up cause that's what every normal, smart person would love to do, right?

Film critic Roger Ebert gave the Jason X 0.5 stars out of 4, quoting one of the film's lines, "This sucks on so many levels."

Jason X is already the tenth installment in the Friday the 13th franchise. So the creators may have already run out of ideas on how to make the character more interesting they resorted to this. 

Leprechaun: In The Hood

5. 'Leprechaun: In The Hood'

The fifth film in the horror franchise follows three rappers who are trying to raise money to buy music equipment. After the music producer bailed on his words to support them, they decided to break into his studio. They stole gold, jewelry, a flute, and a medallion from an ugly statue. They soon realized they made a grave mistake. The statue turns into a murderous leprechaun who is intent on getting his magical flute back. Keep in mind that this horror film takes place in the hood, so there were scenes when you can also see the lep smoking some weed.

The movie ended with a leprechaun rapping, “A Lep’ in the hood come to do no good.” Guess the plot itself explains why this film made it to our list. 

Don’t Be Scared

6. 'Don’t Be Scared'

Yes, you shouldn't be. This movie is anything but scary. No Limit founder and New Orleans rapper Master P tried to make a serial killer film with unsuspecting college students as his victim. He failed. Master P failed so miserably that the 2006 film ended becoming one of the worst horror movies of all time.

The film only lasts for 45 minutes and seems like a school project that takes inspiration from popular slasher flicks like 'Scream.' There were so many irrational scenes throughout that 45 minutes run time. For example, a ghost of a little girl appears for no reason. Her appearance bears no significance to the story. Then there was this girl who gets locked in the shower and dies. The water is not poisoned, the killer did not attack her, she just dies because she was locked.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space 

7. 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' 

This film could only be scary for people who suffer from coulrophobia (the fear of clowns). If you are not, then you'll find this mostly comic. The film follows alien clowns who arrive on Earth in a circus-shaped tent. The humans are their sustenance, and they hunt them using ray guns that turn humans into cotton candy. The film is more hilarious than scary. You'd find clowns hunting in the most unconventional places like toilets and trashcans. 

'The Human Centipede'

8. 'The Human Centipede'

Alright, we know that The Human Centipede is one of the grossest films created, and a lot of people couldn't even finish it. However, if you strip the film with all its mighty gore, then you will realize that its whole premise is such a pointless and stupid idea.

In the film, a mad scientist kidnaps three people and stitches them together through the mouth and the anus to make a human centipede.

Maximum Overdrive

9. 'Maximum Overdrive'

Not every Stephen King film is a hit because this one is surely a miss.

Maximum Overdrive is a film about machines that comes to life and goes after humans. The strange event was triggered after the Earth passed through the tail of the comet.

The film contains a lot of hilarious scenes, it's easy to forget that we are supposed to get scared.

There is an ATM calling people asshole, vending machines shooting a coach in a groin, kids getting flattened by a steam roller, and so much more.

Plan 9 from Outer Space

10. 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' (1959)

Another zombie and the alien film went wrong, Plan 9 from Outer Space, tells the story of aliens who landed on Earth to create an army of zombies.

This film is so bad it contained all the atrocities we mentioned on all the lists above. The funny thing is that it was so bad that it ended becoming loved by movie watchers.

Some people even called it the epitome of "so-bad-it's-good cinema."

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