'Flashback' Ending Explained

'Flashback' explores time manipulation, sacrifice, and love as Jess strives to save Scott from a tragic fate. A thought-provoking, enigmatic short film with a bittersweet ending.

Flashback Ending Explained

The Netflix short film 'Flashback' has left viewers intrigued and questioning the possibilities of changing the past. Directed by Jed Shepherd, this horror short follows Jess, a yoga instructor played by Jemma Moore, whose life takes a dramatic turn after a home invasion. As she grapples with the ability to control her flashbacks, Jess embarks on a mission to prevent the tragic fate of her beloved Scott. In this article, we will explore the ending of 'Flashback,' breaking down the key elements and uncovering the intricacies of Jess's journey. (Note: Spoilers ahead!)

The Plot of 'Flashback'

'Flashback' introduces us to Jess, a yoga instructor contemplating the idea of altering one's past. During one of her yoga classes, she notices a mysterious figure observing her from afar. This figure, known as Dr. Bones, has been an urban legend from her childhood. She confides in her best friend, Lily, about Dr. Bones, but Lily dismisses it. Back in her apartment, Jess's long-term boyfriend, Scott, is planning to propose. Jess shares her concerns about Dr. Bones with Scott, and the topic of starting a family comes up, implying her readiness for marriage and parenthood.

Their idyllic life is abruptly shattered by a sudden noise in their apartment. Jess urges Scott to investigate, and a gunshot rings out moments later. Rushing to the scene, Jess discovers Scott shot in the head, fatally wounded. An intruder stands over Scott's lifeless body, apologizing for his actions. As Jess's life flashes before her eyes, she sees Dr. Bones once again. Determined to prevent Scott's tragic death, she seizes the opportunity to travel back in time.


The Ending: How Jess Prevents Scott's Death

Burdened by guilt over Scott's death and driven by the desire to rectify her past, Jess harnesses her newfound ability to manipulate time. By controlling her breath and emotions, she finds herself transported back to her thirteenth birthday. At her party, she seeks out Scott and confides in him about their future. Jess paints a picture of a happy, loving, long-term relationship that inevitably leads to Scott's death. She implores Scott not to date her, convinced this is the only way to save him.

Time runs out, and the ominous Dr. Bones arrives to collect Jess's soul. Scott witnesses this spectral figure, seemingly convinced by Jess's revelation. Jess awakens in the present day, her life seemingly back on track, without Dr. Bones lurking in the background. Her plan works, and she successfully prevents the deaths of both herself and Scott. However, there's a bittersweet twist - Scott is no longer a part of her life. He has moved on, happily married to Lily, with a child of their own. The short film closes with Jess's determination to find her own path to happiness.

In her pursuit to save Scott's life, Jess discovers that the ultimate sacrifice is required. She realizes that the only way to prevent the tragic fate is never to start a relationship with him. This bittersweet victory underscores the depths people are willing to go to protect their loved ones, even if it means losing them.

Who Killed Jess and Scott?

The circumstances of Jess and Scott's deaths remain somewhat of a mystery throughout the film. A brief glimpse of the intruder in their apartment indicates that the person was a robber. It's clear that the intruder was startled to find Scott at the house and, in a moment of confusion, pulled the trigger. Jess may have been shot to eliminate any potential witnesses.

While the exact motive behind the murders remains unclear, it becomes evident that the only way to avoid this tragedy is for Jess and Scott not to end up together. Despite the lack of a clear motive or coherence in the killings, this pivotal moment sets the narrative in motion, pushing Jess towards the difficult choice of sacrificing her love to save their lives. This moment aligns perfectly with the film's ending, where Jess's character evolves and gains a deeper understanding of life's complexities.

The limited details surrounding Jess and Scott's deaths amplify the tragedy of the situation, emphasizing the futility of altering the past without making a significant sacrifice. 'Flashback' poses a profound question about the lengths one would go to protect their loved ones, even if it means rewriting their own destiny.

In conclusion, 'Flashback' offers a unique and thought-provoking take on time manipulation, sacrifice, and the complexity of relationships. Jess's journey to prevent Scott's death leads to a ending that leaves viewers contemplating the choices we make and the consequences they entail. The film's mysterious elements add to its intrigue, making 'Flashback' a short film that sparks meaningful discussion and reflection.