Fans Are Raving About The New Indie-Horror Film That Scored A Perfect 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

An indie horror film, "Late Night With the Devil," achieved a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes but saw a slight drop after more reviews.

Late Night With The Devil

The independent horror film "Late Night With the Devil" recently achieved a rare feat by receiving a flawless rating on the reviews aggregation platform, Rotten Tomatoes. This perfect score is determined by the ratio of positive to negative reviews from critics. However, it's important to note that a film critic may sometimes publish a negative review solely to break a streak of unanimous praise, which can disrupt a perfect score. Additionally, the quantity of reviews is crucial, as a larger number of reviews increases the likelihood of a negative critique emerging and breaking the streak.

"Late Night With the Devil" achieved an impressive streak of 49 consecutive positive reviews without a single negative one. However, it fell short of surpassing the current record holder, "Leave No Trace," which boasts a perfect rating based on 252 reviews.

The film has been widely praised for its gripping narrative, which revolves around a live television broadcast that descends into chaos as eerie occurrences unfold. While its initial perfect score was noteworthy, subsequent reviews have slightly diminished its standing, with the percentage dropping to 96% based on 112 reviews.

Nonetheless, maintaining such a high rating is commendable, especially considering the esteemed company it joins in the annals of Rotten Tomatoes history. Notably, even iconic films like Alfred Hitchcock's "Citizen Kane" and the beloved sequel "Paddington 2" experienced similar fates of losing their perfect scores due to newly surfaced negative reviews.