'Fanático' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Fanático' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Spanish series following the dangers of fame and celebrity love had only five episodes clocking under 20 minutes.

Short series are often amazing to binge and Netflix's Fanático created by Yago de Torres Peño is exactly like that. The Spanish language series spans five episodes clocking under 20 minutes. Essentially like a feature film cut into chunks, the story fits well with the TV format. 


The show follows a fan, Lázaro who visits a concert by a famous artist named Quimera and while doing so witnesses the famous rapper passing away. Taking advantage of the fact that they look similar, Lázaro decides to replace the rapper and convince people that he is still alive. However, after being in the celebrity space for a while, he realizes that it is not all fun and games. 


Will There Be A Fanático Season 2?

Released about a week and a half ago, it is quite improbable that Netflix would confirm a second season so soon. The first season was released on July 29, 2022. Before Netflix makes any moves greenlighting a second season, they’ll make sure that the show is receiving the required ratings. For now, the streaming platform hasn’t shared any news regarding a second season. 


What Is The Plot Of Fanático Season 2?

In the first season, we see the protagonist living a dead man’s life. He is deluded that he has made it as a rapper, taking over the legacy of another artist. He definitely hasn’t made it till there because of his lofty talent; it’s the cheap resemblance that got him to the position.

Living Quimera’s life becomes difficult because he has to keep the art alive. The second season could focus on how the initial rush of becoming a celebrity is not enough to keep the grind going. Furthermore, it could also delve into how his family starts to distance themselves from Lázaro. 


Who Is Cast In Fanático Season 2?

Lorenzo Ferro is expected to reprise his role as the protagonist, Lázaro, while Fernando Valdivielso, Eva Llorach, Carlota Urdiales, Dollar Selmouni, and Eva Almeida will probably return as supporting characters in the show. 

However, as Lázaro’s world expands, it is quite possible that the show may see some new cast members introducing themselves in the flashy world surrounding him. Now, it is unclear whether they will join in as allies or snakes, only the second season could tell.


When Will Fanático Season 2 Release?

For now, Netflix hasn’t announced anything. However, since there are only five episodes running less than 20 minutes, the show shouldn’t take too long to produce. It should be produced within a year after the next season has been confirmed. 


Season 1 of Fanático is currently streaming on Netflix.

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