These Eight Detective Movies Are So Good That They Will Leave Your Head Scratching

These Eight Detective Movies Are So Good That They Will Leave Your Head Scratching

Detective movies are one of the most interesting movie genres out there and we have prepared a list of eight such movies.

If you are the kind of person who loves detective movies, then this list is just for you. Detective movies make you question human nature even when you are relaxing and it is perfect for passing your time. Here is a list of eight brilliant detective movies that will leave you amazed. 

1. Angel Heart


This is a mystical-themed detective film and it will manage to hook you right from the very first moment. The mixture of various tones the saxophone melody, and other hallmarks of the dark genre sets the movie completely apart. The protagonist of the movie faces a number of disturbing riddles which he has to solve to complete the case.

2. Memento


This amazing piece of work by Christopher Nolan tells the story of Leonard Shelby who is hunting for the murderer of his wife and when things start getting complicated he starts suffering from short-term memory loss. He only remembers the events before the murder and everything else stays in his head for only 15 minutes.

3. Zodiac


This movie tells the story of two detectives searching for a serial killer who has terrified San Francisco for 25 years. The killer goes by the nickname Zodiac, who not only loves killing people, but he also enjoys playing cat and mouse with investigators. 

4. True Detective


This brilliant form of television has already aired for two seasons and each episode has its own plot and characters. The first season focuses on two detectives investigating an unusual murder in Louisiana and how they put together every piece is a form of art happening in front of your eyes. 

5. Mystery Road


This movie was shot in Australia and seeing the events unfolding against the beautiful landscapes of that far-off continent is absolutely mesmerizing to watch. The movie is brilliantly scripted and tells the story where a policeman is investigating the murder of an aboriginal girl. 

6. Mindhunters


This movie tells the story of seven future FBI officers, who are on a remote island and they have to take a challenging test. They have to piece together a psychological profile of a criminal and it is based on the most insignificant and limited evidence. Unexpectedly enough, the test becomes a deadly game and one of the agents die. This is a brilliant mind-bending movie and never gives the viewer a chance to breathe. 

7. L.A. Confidential


This movie, that is set in the sunny 1950s-era Los Angeles has a really clever plot and the movie stars Kim Basinger and Russell Crowe, it is an absolutely amazing movie. It tells the story of two fearless police officers who are investigating a series of murders and are trying to uncover criminal secrets of the American underworld. 

8. Män som hatar kvinnor


This is actually a Swedish version movie of 'A Girl with a Dragon Tattoo' which tells the story of four ordinary people who sometimes end up living side-by-side with scoundrels. Even though there are a number of sub-plots, they merge beautifully into a satisfying whole watch. 

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