"Edens Zero" Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

This is a live-update article and it will be updated as new details about Edens Zero Season 3 come our way. This is what we know so far.

Edens Zero Season 3

The popular shounen-fantasy series, "Edens Zero", has just finished its second season, and there's already buzz about what's next. The second season of "Edens Zero" managed to become a hit among anime fans, despite the sad loss of the series' director. The story revolves around Rebecca, a teenage girl with a passion for making videos. She meets Shiki, a unique human with superpowers, in the Granbell Kingdom. Their adventures in season 2 lead up to a massive war, with Shiki and his friends training for future challenges. The season, comprising 25 episodes, aired from April to October 2023, with animation by J.C. Staff, acclaimed for titles like “The Duke of Death and His Maid.” But can we expect more?

Will There Be Edens Zero Season 3?

As of now, there is no word on Edens Zero Season 3. Rumors suggest that the announcement for season 3 is just around the corner.

For those who can't wait, the "Edens Zero" manga, penned by Hiro Mashima, is a great way to catch up. With 28 volumes out, the manga extends beyond the anime's second season, offering more insights into the story.

When Is The Potential Release Date Of Edens Zero Season 3?

Predicting from the gap between the first two seasons, season 3 might air around Spring 2025. The second season received favorable ratings across various platforms, and the characters have become fan favorites, leading to the release of themed figurines.

Although the manga didn't top the sales charts, fans can look forward to the Blu-ray & DVD releases later this year. For streaming, platforms like Crunchyroll and bilibili are expected to continue showcasing the series.

In Conclusion

As we eagerly await official news on "Edens Zero" Season 3, fans can immerse themselves in the manga or rewatch the previous seasons. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling anime series!