Dodgers Players' Reacting To First Pitch From Korean Actress Jeon Jong-seo Goes Viral

Korean actress Jeon Jong-seo impresses Los Angeles Dodgers during exhibition game in South Korea; Dodgers win 14-3. Historic MLB regular-season games in South Korea follow.

Dodgers Players' Reacting To First Pitch From Korean Actress Jeon Jong-seo Goes Viral

Jeon Jong-seo made a significant impression on several members of the Los Angeles Dodgers team during an exhibition game in South Korea. The event took place on Sunday night, March 17, the Dodgers played against the Kiwoom Heroes at the Gocheok Sky Dome. Korean actor Jong-seo threw the first pitch wearing a Dodgers shirt, leggings, and knee-high socks, catching the attention of the sports stars present.


Although Jong-seo's pitching skills weren't the focus of the now-viral footage, the reactions of Dodgers players like Chris Taylor and Tyler Glasnow were notable. Viewers observed their evident admiration for the 29-year-old star as the camera panned to the dugout during her moment in the spotlight.


Social media responses from baseball fans were swift, with some noting the apparent infatuation of the players. Comments ranged from "Dudes being dudes" to "Tyler looks smitten by her," indicating the impact Jong-seo had on the team. However, amidst the playful banter, observers also acknowledged the professionalism of the players, expressing hope that they remained focused on the game.

After her pitch, Jong-seo graciously posed for photos with the players. Despite the enchantment she seemingly cast on the team, the Dodgers secured a resounding victory against the Kiwoom Heroes, winning 14-3, with notable contributions from Freeman, who hit a home run.

The exhibition game served as a precursor to the Dodgers' 2024 season, with their first official match against the Padres scheduled for the following day, March 20, in South Korea. This event holds significance as it marks the first time Major League Baseball regular-season games are being played in South Korea, highlighting the growing global reach of the sport.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts expressed excitement about the opportunity to play in Seoul, emphasizing the cultural significance and the chance to showcase baseball to an international audience. Additionally, the ceremonial first pitch for the upcoming match will be thrown by Chan-Ho Park, the first Korean-born player in MLB history, further underscoring the historical significance of the event.

The game will be broadcasted on various platforms, including SportsNet LA, Padres TV, ESPN, and fubo, allowing fans worldwide to witness this landmark moment in baseball history. As the anticipation builds for this historic matchup, the focus remains on celebrating the intersection of sports and culture on a global stage.