Disney 100 Quiz Answers for TikTok Game (Today, Nov 5, 2023)

All the answers to today's quiz.

Disney 100 Quiz

Below are the answers for the Disney 100 quiz on November 5, 2023. This guide supplies participants with the correct answers to all five questions in the TikTok quiz. Although the accuracy of your responses doesn't impact your reward – you'll receive two cards regardless – some participants aim to answer all questions correctly. Here's the complete list of Disney100 questions and answers for the date specified.

1. How long is Castaway Creek at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park?: 2,000 feet long

2. What metal is used to create new armor for Din Djarin in The Mandalorian?: Beskar

3. What year did Disney+ launch?: 2019

4. What is the name of the famed music studio on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith?: G-Force Records

5. What type of background art was used in Lilo & Stitch?: Watercolor

Today's quiz challenges players with questions that test their real-world knowledge of one of Disney's water parks. In addition to that, there are some questions related to popular Disney franchises, such as The Mandalorian and Lilo & Stitch. To top it off, the quiz also evaluates a player's familiarity with Disney's streaming platform, Disney+.

It's important to mention that making mistakes in your answers won't negatively impact your experience. Regardless of whether you answer correctly or not, the game rewards you with two Character Cards. Achieving a perfect score is certainly an impressive feat, but it's worth noting that the rewards for doing so are not additional; they serve as a bonus to your gameplay.