'Designated Survivor' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

'Designated Survivor' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Is Designated Survivor going to return for season 4?

'Designated Survivor' is a political thriller helmed by Kiefer Sunderland. The show follows Tom Kirkman, who became the President of the United States after a bomb attack happened at Capitol Hill. 'Designated Survivor' has already entertained fans with three seasons, and fans are still desperately waiting for the fourth installment. From the first season to the third, the show has evolved into a more conventional and real political show, just like Madam Secretary or House of Cards. 


However, the show has also gone through some criticism regarding its usage of obscenity and introduction of more serious subjects that some thought was not best suited for network television. But, the producer and directors feel differently as they believe it's liberating for the show to be featured on Netflix. Let's see what we can expect from the fourth installment.

Has 'Designated Survivor' Got A Renewal For The Fourth Season?

'Designated Survivor' is no longer coming back for season 4. The series got canceled after three seasons due to complications with the contracts of the actors. 

When Can We Expect 'Designated Survivor' Season 4 On Netflix?


We would've expected the show to return in mid-2020. However, in July 2019, we received bad news via Deadline regarding the show's cancelation. 

What We Expected To Happen In 'Designated Survivor' Season 4?

Those who have watched former seasons would know that President Kirkman won his election and continues to fight another four years in the Oval Office. He deliberately chose to cover information that would have pronounced Moss not guilty of the bio-attack attempts. So, we hoped to see something related to impeachment in season 4, definitely. 


Apart from that, we expected Lorraine to be heading to jail for her involvement in an illegal hacking scandal, and Emily could've also gone down with her. We do know that her hands are certainly not clean, knowing the fact that she leaked important and confidential information throughout the campaign. However, her character is going through a hard and traumatic time after she loses her mother. Next, we expected to see Saron Shores' relationship with Isabella go through some strain in season 4 after it was revealed that she is now pregnant. One thing good might've happened with Kall Penn's Seth, who would most likely hook up with his sperm donor child's mother. 

Do Fans Follow The Show?

Well, not only did they follow the show, but they were excited to think that there would be season 4 soon! Sadly, it's no longer happening.