Couple's Marriage Proposal At Super Nintendo World Goes Viral After Luigi's Savage Reaction

A viral proposal at Super Nintendo World features a stoic Luigi and excited Mario, sparking online amusement over their contrasting reactions.

Proposal at Super Nintendo World

A marriage proposal that took place at Super Nintendo World has gained widespread attention due to Luigi's unexpected reaction to it.

The act of proposing marriage in public settings can be a contentious topic, with some viewing it as a grand gesture of affection, while others prefer more intimate settings for such moments. However, one particularly unconventional locale for a public proposal is the Super Mario-themed attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

Within this fantastical world inspired by the adventures of the famous Italian plumber and his loyal brother, visitors can immerse themselves in various interactive experiences, including encounters with beloved characters from the Super Mario franchise, the opportunity to partake in real-life Mario Kart races using state-of-the-art technology, and dining options at the whimsically named Toadstool Cafe.

Given the immersive and nostalgic atmosphere of Super Nintendo World, it's not surprising that a couple chose this setting to mark a significant milestone in their relationship. However, what likely caught them off guard was the unexpected reaction that their tender moment elicited, resulting in the proposal becoming viral.

The proposal was shared on TikTok by user Bella (username_1), who captured the heartfelt moment as her partner popped the question against the backdrop of a towering Piranha Plant, with Mario and Luigi mascots flanking them on either side.

While Mario appeared visibly excited, reacting with shock and applause upon Bella's acceptance of the proposal, Luigi's response was notably more subdued. Clad in his signature green attire, the iconic plumber stood stoically with hands on hips, seemingly unfazed by the romantic gesture unfolding beside him.


Social media users quickly commented on Luigi's nonchalant demeanor, finding humor in his seemingly indifferent reaction to the proposal. Some remarked on his apparent cluelessness or lack of interest, while others joked about his supposed focus on his paycheck or his disinterest in "playing games."

However, in Luigi's defense, he eventually acknowledges the proposal and joins in with applause for the newly engaged couple later in the clip. Many viewers speculated that Luigi's delayed reaction may have been due to his limited field of vision or his gradual realization of the significant event occurring beside him.

Ultimately, the unexpected twist in this viral proposal serves as a reminder that even in the midst of magical and immersive experiences, the reactions of those around us can sometimes add unexpected humor and humanity to the momentous occasions in our lives.