Beverly Hills Cop 3: The Heat Is (Barely) On In This Franchise Killer

With Beverly Hills Cop 4 on the way the question on the table is: was Beverly Hill Cop 3 good and

Beverly Hills Cop 3: The Heat Is (Barely) On In This Franchise Killer


The heat is back on for a third time in this episode of REVISITED, but after huge success with the first two installments, can lightning strike a third time in the massively popular Beverly Hills Cop series? Of course it can. I mean, the formulas there, the main star of the franchise is back and the poster has a kick-ass rollercoaster on it, which is pretty edgy...If you’re a ten year old. So, naturally, nothing could go wrong.

Well, look, the franchise has legs, with part four in post production at the time of writing this episode, and Netflix looking at a summer release for the movie. It’s a popular modern trend in Tinseltown, where legacy characters, or franchises, are being resurrected for final outings, or a continuation of the mythology to keep modern audiences interested in a known and historically lucrative IP. Indy may have not been able to draw a crowd like he used to, despite the (hopefully) final movie in Harrison Ford’s role as the adventurer being a fun, bat-shit crazy, but often dull entry in the series.

However, other fan-favorites such as Ghostbusters live on, with the well received and commercially successful Ghostbusters: Afterlife in 2021, being followed up by the cool looking, no pun intended, Frozen Empire, that’s set to hit cinemas at the end of March. The point is, if done well, legacy characters and movie franchises can be fun to revisit on the big, or small screen. However, if Universal ever dares to reboot, re-imagine or tinker with the Back to the Future series in case something potentially offensive happens in one of them, like James Bond recently, I’ll be livid, but not surprised. However, threequels can be somewhat hit and miss, with some movies looking to make a quick buck by rolling out the cast for a quick cash grab at the expense of a solid movie. However, which way did Beverly Hills Cop III ultimately go? Well, strap yourselves into the spider ride as we find out, here on REVISITED!