Baby Driver Sequel: Everything We Know So Far

Baby Driver Sequel: Everything We Know So Far

Director and screenplay writer Edgar Wright is intent on bringing Baby back.

It's been three years since Edgar Wright treated us to a heart-pounding film filled with heists, car chases, and action scenes.

Quite frankly, we've been a little impatient to see Baby back in a Baby Driver Sequel. 

Talks about a possible sequel have been going on for a long time, but is it really happening? Let's find out. 

Baby Driver

Will There Be Baby Driver Sequel? 

A sequel for Baby Driver is not officially confirmed yet, but the team has been very eager to do it. 

Back in 2017, Wright revealed that they are already working on the deal for the sequel. 

"The deal is being hammered out as we speak. So, hopefully, I'm going to at least write a second one. I've definitely got lots of ideas," Wright told EW.

Early last year, director and screenplay writer Edgar Wright confirmed that a draft script for the sequel exists.

In July 2020, lead star Ansel Elgort revealed that he has seen the draft script.

During an interview with MTV, Elgort was asked if Wright has shared the draft script with him, to which he answered: "Yes, he has shared it with me."

The 26-year-old actor said that he thinks the sequel will eventually happen, but it wouldn't be called Baby Driver 2.

Here's a short clip of the interview. 


When Will Baby Driver Sequel Release? 

The sequel is still in very early development, and there are still no official announcements. Hence, there are still no release dates.

Baby Driver premiered at the South by Southwest festival on March 11, 2017, and released in UK and US theaters on June 28, 2017. 

With the sequel's current status, we're likely to wait for years before we could see Baby back on screen again. 

Baby Driver

Baby Driver Cast: Who Are Returning For The Sequel?

As mentioned, the sequel is still in early development, and there are still no casting details available.

Nevertheless, we're rooting for Ansel Elgort's return for the titular role.

We're also expecting to see Lily James to reprise her role as Baby's love interest, Debora.

As far as the rest of the characters, it's impossible to tell who'll be coming back as the first film pretty much wraps up the overarching plot nicely. The sequel could also take a totally different path, which means that Doc and his crew might not return any more. 

Baby Driver

The Plot: What Will The Sequel Be All About? 

The first film had a clear beginning, middle, and somehow ambiguous ending, so it is difficult to speculate where the sequel would pick up.

Baby Driver follows Miles (also known as Baby), who works as a getaway driver in Atlanta. 

His job is to ferry a crew of robbers assembled by Doc, a criminal mastermind.

In the middle of Baby's dangerous and chaotic life, he meets Debora, a young waitress who later turned out to be his love interest.

Towards the end of Baby Driver, we saw Baby reunited with Debora after serving his time in prison.

The two are now ready to start a new life, but something's telling us that trouble won't let Baby and Debora have the peaceful life they so longed for.

We already know that the sequel wouldn't be called Baby Driver 2, so we're likely to see Baby and Debora deal with a whole new kind of trouble for the sequel.

The sequel might steer away from the intense car chases it was originally known for. 

Baby Driver 2 Trailer: When Can We See It? 

It will be a while before an official trailer for the Baby Driver sequel will drop. With no official announcement and release date for the sequel yet, it would be impossible to predict when exactly the official trailer would release. It could take years, but we know it will be worth the wait.

We will keep you posted for future updates. 


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