Anya Taylor-Joy Gave A Heartbreaking Response When Reporter Asked If She's 'Self-Conscious' About Her Eyes

The internet is a mean and nasty place!

Anya Taylor-Joy

If you ask Anya Taylor-Joy if she's ever felt "self-conscious" about her eyes, her answer will shatter your heart.

The actor has been in the spotlight for a while, but she is best known for the Netflix series The Queen's Gambit.

In her late teens, Taylor-Joy made her Hollywood debut with parts in films such as Endeavour and The Witch.

The 28-year-old also acted in Split (2016), a movie that many consider to be her breakthrough performance.

Taylor-Joy spoke with W-Magazine on her meteoric ascent to stardom in Hollywood the same year she co-starred in that film with James McAvoy.

The reporter called her eyes "beautiful" during the interview, but then said, "They're so far apart."

"When you were a kid, did they make you self conscious?," the reporter went on.

Taylor-Joy then took some time to consider all of the negative feedback she had received about her appearance.

Sharing one particularly heartbreaking memory, she explained: "I can definitely remember when Facebook was a thing and I was never aware that my eyes were far apart and then someone tagged me in a picture with a fish and they were like, 'This is you 'cause your eyes are like here.'”

"And I was really upset about it and I didn’t enjoy it and I kind of stopped looking in mirrors for a very long time."

The actor went on to admit at the time that she still didn't 'really spend a lot of time in front of mirrors' so she wouldn't have to 'deal with [her] face'.

"Unfortunately, y’all do," she joked.

Recalling further childhood experiences, Taylor-Joy mentioned how her eye position affected her athletic abilities.

She explained: "I will say though that it’s interesting in sports because I became very aware that when I was smaller, my head was a lot more compact and so my eyes really were on both sides of my face.

"It became common knowledge in the playground that if you wanted me to catch a ball, you had to throw it at the side of my head ’cause if you just threw it straight here, I’d just be like, 'Oh, my God. What? What happened? What’s going on?'"

But Taylor-Joy claimed that her face had "grown a bit more" since then.

"I’m kind of growing into myself. I’m a bit less awkward," she said. "Though I’m still growing a lot. I’m still getting taller – I grew like two inches last year. I don’t really know what to do with all of my limbs."

Although Taylor-Joy may not have believed she knew what to do with her limbs, her continued success in Hollywood is proof positive that whatever she did was successful.