Ali Skovbye: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Firefly Lane' Actress

Ali Skovbye: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Firefly Lane' Actress

Ali Skovbye plays the young counterpart of Katherine Heigl's character in Netflix's 'Firefly Lane', and she's every bit just as cool in real life as the role she portrays in the series.

If you've seen Netflix's Firefly Lane lately, then chances are you're also captivated by the charms of Ali Skovbye, who plays the young Katherine Heigl in the drama series. 

The series is an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Kristin Hannah and features the lifelong tale of friendship between Tully and Kate. 

Ali is a constant show-stealer, with her witty one-liners, impeccable sense of style, and cannot-be-bothered-by-the-bullies attitude. She's always got Kate's back despite the rifts that their friendship had to go through. 

So who is Ali when she's not playing the free-spirited Tully? Here are 10 incredible things you should know about the young actress. 

Firefly Lane- Ali

1. She Was 17 When She Filmed The Rape Scene For 'Firefly Lane'

One of the most perplexing scenes of the first season of 'Firefly Lane' is the rape scene of Ali Skovbye's character.

Ali plays the 14-year-old Tully in the series, but she was 17 and still in high school when she filmed the scene.

An older student named Pat (played by Michael Taylor) lured Ali's character into the forest, where he assaults her before returning to the party to get some alcohol, leaving a young Tully lying on the ground, traumatized.

Because she was a minor, she was assigned with an intimacy coordinator on set to ensure she felt safe and comfortable. 

Nonetheless, the now 18-year-old actress who was born in Vancouver says that she believes the scene bears a significant message. 

"As challenging as it can be to take on that harder subject matter, I think it’s also really, really important that we continue to do that," she told the Glamour. "What our story does so well is showing that you can be popular and be considered ‘cool,’ whatever it may be, and still go through something like this."

2. She Is BFF With Co-star Roan Curtis in Real Life

Ali and Roan met each other in the set of 'Firefly Lane' for the first time, but the two quickly became close.

"I think that we're super, super close now, and so it made doing all [those dramatic scenes] really easy as we were becoming friends as well in real life," Ali told Decider.

Roan, on the other hand, shared a photo with Ali back in January, with a heartwarming caption:

"It's pretty rad that over the last 5 months while working on a show about two best friends, she's become one of my best friends (life imitating art?)" She continued: "I love her a lot and wouldn't have wanted to be the Kate to anyone else's Tully."


3. She's A Breakthrough Actress (Literally)

Before she played the young Tully in Netflix's 'Firefly Lane,' Ali is well known for her role as Emma in the 2019 film 'Breakthrough.' 

Tiera and Ali Skovbye

4. She Is The Sister Of A Riverdale Actress

Ali's older sister Tiera Skovbye stars as Polly Cooper from 'Riverdale.' She was the one who inspired Ali to pursue an acting career when she was still a young girl. In an interview with Hollywood North Magazine, she shared that she wasn't interested in the acting at first but decided to give it a try because she "wanted to be just like [her] older sister."

Ali Skovbye

5. She Has A Naturally Blonde Hair

Ali has naturally beautiful blonde locks, but she has to dye her hair brown for the 'Firefly Lane

."That time, I dyed my hair brown and filmed a show that I'm really really proud of," she wrote on an Instagram post alongside the series' trailer. 

Ali Skovbye

6. She Is Single

If you're among the millions who are smitten by Ali's irresistible charm, then you might be happy to know that she's not in a relationship.

According to datingcelebs.com, Ali Skovbye is currently single.

Her social media accounts also seem to verify the website's claim.

7. She Recently Graduated High School Despite A Busy Acting Career

The 18-years-old actress recently received her diploma from King George Secondary School in Vancouver.

She seems to have enjoyed her time in high school while juggling her showbiz career. A few months ago, she looked elegantly chic in her alluring dress while she attended her high school prom. 


8. She Starred With Her Sister In A 2017 Lifetime Film

Ali and her sister Tiera played sisters onscreen in the 2017 film 'Secrets of My Stepdaughter.' The film follows a mother who protects her stepdaughter after the teenager witnesses the murder of her best friend.

They also starred in the fantasy adventure 'Once Upon a Time', but in different times. 

9. She Has A Very Sexy Sunflower Tatoo

Ali has the fairest skin, and it's just the perfect canvass for a minimalist tattoo. The actress recently shared an artistic photo of her showing a cute sunflower tattooed on the side of her breast. The photo was taken by a South African photographer Jenna Berman, whose Instagram accounts contain an impressive portfolio of her amazing portrait shots. 


10. She's Has An Unbreakable Bond With Her Sister

On Tiera's birthday, Ali shared childhood photos of her and her sister along with a heartwarming caption. Based on the Instagram post, she and her sister have an extremely tight relationship, and nothing can come in between the priceless bond they share.


Can't get enough of Ali? Watch her in Netflix's 'Firefly Lane.' You may read our season 2 preview and plot predictions here for more information about the series. 

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