'About Fate' Ending Explained: Serendipity

When two people meet by accident, sparks are due to fly, follow Margot and Griffin under the clutches of Insta-love.

Cover Image Source: IMDb

Romantic Comedy films take the cake for being the most chill movies. They are short, sweet and are not a problem to watch whenever you want. About Fate tries to do this especially by including cast members that would have given the film more eyeballs than ever. In the beginning we see our protagonists getting ready to be a part of a big day. One attending their sister’s wedding and the other figuring out how to propose. While Griffin (Thomas Mann) and Margot (Emma Roberts) are both dating other people before they meet each other, this meeting becomes a reality check for both of them. The people they were with didn’t know each other at all. 

Image Source: IMDb
Image Source: IMDb

Margot is annoyed because her sister and other family members don’t believe that she had a boyfriend in the first place although Kip (Lewis Tan) is extremely tangible and does exist. Additionally, our other protagonist is dating an influencer who is really only in it for the views. Clementine (Madeline Petsch) was proposed to and she decided to reject him so he could propose at a new year’s party where everybody could see it. This inane request pushes him off to a drunken night with friends that leads him to Margot’s house (classic address issue). 

Of course, Margot was not expecting a man to just show up at her place and so she was terrified but was slowly warming up to the fact that she was just going to have to put up with this person until the next day. After some conversations and petty conflicts, the duo sealed the deal on going to Margot’s sister’s wedding together. However, obviously there were conflicts with that too, like Margot lying about the fact that Griffin is Kip because the original Kip broke up with her a few days before the wedding. Here’s the kicker, original Kip does show up to the wedding, mad that Griffin is wearing his tuxedo and sad that Margot is not with him anymore. It is at this point when she explains that she had more connection with Griffin in 24 hours than in the 3 months she had been dating him.


Griffin is feeling similar sentiments, he is excited with whatever he has with Margot because all Clementine was is an influencer out to build a brand and while that is her dream, it is not what he was looking for in a partner. Now here’s some more for serendipity. Griffin shows up to Margot’s place to express his feelings for her and let her know that he is available for her. At this point, she shows him her tattoo of a half-man, half-bird (a griffin), cementing that they are meant for each other.