A Werewolf Comedy Film Is Now Dominating Streaming

A Werewolf Comedy Film Is Now Dominating Streaming

Who doesn't love a good werewolf comedy?

It seems like the success and appeal of werewolf films are now creeping back into the limelight and, this time to lend its giant paw to streaming. The 2020 werewolf comedy film The Wolf Of Snow Hollow is now within the top 10 spots on HBO Go, according to FlixPatrol.

The werewolf comedy was directed by Jim Cummings, who is also starring. In the cast, he is joined by Riki Lindhome, Chloe East, and Jimmy Tatro.

The film follows a couple who take a vacation to the small town of Snow Hollow in Utah. The couple finds the place a bit strange but decides to make the best of it for the sake of their vacation. However, things take a bloody turn when one of them is found dead with a bloody pawprint on their chest. The survivor then sets out to solve the case of the death.


John Marshall, a violent alcoholic police officer, is also thrust into the mystery when more and more bodies are found.

The film's performance was actually quite good, with an 89% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and an audience score of 66%.

The critics' consensus reads:

The Wolf of Snow Hollow treads somewhat unsteadily between horror and comedy, but writer-director-star Jim Cummings' unique sensibilities make for an oddly haunting hybrid.

The film was praised for how it revealed the setting of a dark and gritty rural American town. Viewers, however, criticized the film for not having enough werewolf action and humor that was too dry.

This film proves that the werewolf genre is still alive and that Hollywood is still capable of creating a werewolf flick that isn't corny, repetitive, or overly gory. You can watch The Wolf Of Snow Hollow on HBO Go right now.

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