5 Animated Shows On Netflix You Should Watch RIght Now

From classic animated shows to shows of today's time, Netflix has everything, here are our picks


Netflix is one of the platforms you head to when looking to watch world-famous animated shows and movies. This is our feeble effort to make the vast library of Netflix manageable for you to choose from. From traditional childhood favorites to new modern animated content, here are our top picks in the animated shows available on Netflix that will save you time from combing through the Netflix diary of content...

Pacific Rim: The Black 


Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim is an excellent pick if you are looking for something in the fiction genre. The story is about humans fighting Kaiju. The Humans are clearly losing, and they pilot huge armies who are known as Jaegers, who help them to fight back the Kaijus. 

Love, Death & Robots


Each episode hails from a different creative team and is not related to one another, which means you can watch this show in whichever order you want an anthology series. The whole show follows the theme of a post-apocalyptic world. The show is critically acclaimed.

Maya and the Three 


This limited series is definitely worth the watch as the cinematic experience is top-notch with a star-studded cast. The show tells the story of the warrior princess Teca who sets on a quest across the globe to find the three warriors of Prophecy who will help her defeat the God of War. 

Big Mouth


Netflix's puberty-focused animated series will blow your mind. The show's theme is "everything is embarrassing, and looking back at our teenage years we wouldn't really disagree. "It’s the streaming version of your sex-ed teacher’s anonymous slips of paper, except the laughs aren’t sniggers—they’re hard-won, empathic guffaws. —Matt Brennan

Death Note


An anime that even non-anime watchers should watch—a strange concept and two strange characters, and you will see that your life is sorted. The show tells the story of Light Yagami, who stumbles upon a notebook one day. He soon discovers that a shinigami is following him because he now possesses the notebook. He learns that in order to kill a person, all he needs to do is write the name of the person on the death note. Yes, that's the premise and only the tip of the iceberg. You should start with this one is my suggestion.