10 Of The Best And Funniest Memes That Came From Movies

10 Of The Best And Funniest Memes That Came From Movies

Some of these memes are even more popular than the films in which they originated.

Memes are an essential part of our existence (and we will argue to death for this).

They help us go through our mundane lives and allow us to laugh at our misfortunes. They are a comic representation of real-world situations, and they are madly relatable.

So for the love of memes, here are some of the best movie memes ever created and their origin. 

1. The Rock & Anna Robb Driving In 'Race To Witch Mountain.'

We are starting our list with one of the most recognizable faces of Dwayne Johnson, "The Rock," on the internet. 'Race to Witch Mountain' released in 2009 but only received fair to average reviews.

Nonetheless, this meme went on to surpass the popularity of the film where it originated. Not everyone may have seen 'Race to Witch Mountain,' but we are pretty sure no one on the internet has not come across this meme at some point. 

The Rock Meme

2. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker's Last Ride In 'Furious' 7

Fast and Furious 7

Paul Walker died while production for 'Furious' 7 was ongoing. The whole world was devastated by his untimely death, and his co-workers struggled to keep up with the loss. To honor the late actor, the movie's cast and crew decided to give his character a proper send-off. At the end of the film, Paul Walker's character retires with Mia and their son, Jack -- but not before savoring one last ride alongside Dom (Vin Diesel). The last scene of the film shows their two cars diverging at a fork in the road and Brian riding off on his own for a new life. It was honestly one of the saddest and the best cinematic moments in cinema history, but the good ole internet has decided that it's the perfect format for memes. 

Furious 7 meme

3. “The Matrix” (What If I Told You)

Want to further emphasize a statement? Then you need Morpheus' "What If I Told You Meme." Morpheus never actually said the "What if I told you" in the film, but "memers" have decided that his serious face will make just about any claims believable.

4. 'Mean Girls' (Get In Loser)

Regina George has proven she's the true Queen Bee, even in the world of memes. Her iconic "Get in Loser" line is often used as a format for pretty much anything you can imagine.

5. 'Titanic' (It's Been 84 Years)

Want to get nostalgic and funny at the same time? You need Rose's "It’s been 84 years" meme. In the movie, the old Rose starts recounting her story in the Titanic by saying, “It’s been 84 years”, which eventually becomes a popular meme as a way to overemphasize time.

6. 'IT' (Pennywise In The Sewer)

Talking to a clown in a sewer doesn't sound like a wise idea at all. However, for some reason, Georgie decided to chat with Pennywise, who ended chomping off the young kid's arm. The scene becomes the right meme to encapsulate our dumb decisions in life and how easily Pennywise could trick us into getting down in the sewer. 

7. 'Vampire’s Kiss' (You Don't Say)

This list would not be complete without Nicolas Cage's eccentric 'Vampire’s Kiss' character. Cage didn't utter "You don't say" in this film, but his facial expression is an effective way to express amazement or disbelief. Hence, the creation of the meme. 


8. 'Django Unchained'

Leonardo DiCaprio is no stranger to the meme world. His films have spawned countless memes, and one of our favorites is this particular 'Django Unchained' laughing meme. Adding his face to almost anything can instantly increase a meme's comic value.


9. 'The Shining'

This particular scene where Wendy Torrance (played by Shelley Duvall) was trying to hide from her psychotic husband (played by Jack Nicholson) was purely terrifying. That's why it's the perfect meme to portray petrifying real-life scenarios, like that time when toilet papers were running out in the supermarket.

The Shining

10. 'The Ballad of Buster Scruggs' (First time?)

James Franco played a cowboy who is about to get executed in this anthology film. While waiting to get hanged in the town square, he looks at the man to his left, who is crying and bemoaning his fate, and says, "first time?" Needless to say, the legendary scene created one of the best memes ever. 

First time?

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