10 Movie Clichés That Are So Unrealistic They Are Making People Laugh

10 Movie Clichés That Are So Unrealistic They Are Making People Laugh

RIP to all the food that gets ignored during breakfast scenes.

Some movie clichés are so far-fetched it's crazy to think why scriptwriters continue to incorporate them in flicks. While other viewers roll their eyes whenever they come across these clichés, others can't help but laugh at how stupid these scenes are. 

To be fair, movies have a lot of limitations when it comes to adapting stories on screen. However, most of these clichés just don't make sense in real life, and they seriously need to get reconsidered. 

Reddit user ImNotASeagull recently asked people in the community about common clichés in movies that never fail to make them laugh. The answers are extremely relatable, check them out!

1. "Pretty much anything hacking-related."


We know, right? Don't even get us started with hackers managing to insert the USB within a single try. Then all these codes magically pop up on screen even before they hit any keys. Lastly, why don't these smart hackers even use the mouse? Duh!


2. "Shotguns having no recoil..."


Ever seen a movie character use a shotgun and it looks so easy there isn't even a slight kick from the weapon? Chances are yes! What's funny about this type of clichés is that they skip the recoil when firing the shotguns, but the person getting shot often gets hurled at an impressive distance.


3. "Women fighting with loose long hair that somehow never gets in their face to temporarily blind them."

Meanwhile, in real life, we can't even have a bowl of soup peacefully without worrying about our long hair getting in our face. 

4. "Elaborate breakfasts that no one eats. People just grab an apple and run out."


Why even prepare so much food if no one's going to eat them?

5. "Not laugh, but the "nerdy" girl is suddenly hot when she .... takes off her glasses. So she's blind now? Do scriptwriters know that glasses are so people can see?"


Why do writers hate glasses so much? We are just trying to see!

6. "Sir/ma'am, please place ALL weapons here" Pulls out an unrealistic amount of weapons from their clothes"


Those clothes must have had a lot of magic pockets! Where can we get some?




Insert camera pulling away from the subject for added dramatic effect. Ugh, clichés!


8. "Two potential romantic interests are about to kiss, and then someone comes in and accidentally interrupts."


Why do they even do that?

9. "People pointing loaded guns at each other. Makes for some great drama but is never a real situation."


Then the characters start talking while holding the gun against each other's faces. Who has time for that? Just pull the trigger already!

10. "When people can just have a conversation several feet away from each other in the middle of an action scene with explosions and guns firing around them."


Cause yes, we can totally hear each other loud and clear despite non-stop shooting and bombing happening in the background. *Facepalm

PS. Some answers are edited for length and clarity. Do you have movie clichés to share? Tell us in the comments.

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